ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner is Powerful

ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner

ADVANAGE 20X All-Purpose Cleaners reliably remove oil, filth, and stains, resulting in astonishing results.


Performance Over the past 40 years, the product has been enhanced several times through formulation changes. The ADVANAGE phosphate-free recipe was improved in late 2008 with the inclusion of the company’s unique Emulsion Agent surfactant, which increases the product’s emulsification characteristics, resulting in a remarkable improvement when cleaning oily and greasy surfaces.

Environmental Because it isĀ  and concentrated (we ship one plastic container instead of 20 filled mostly with water). We have the ability to leave our world in a secure and healthy state for future generations. ADVANAGE outperformed the U.S. Government guideline of 70% in independent laboratory testing for ready biodegradability by 7.6 percent.

ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner

Ultra-concentrated. The fact that ADVANAGE 20X is ultra-concentrated is what makes it so inexpensive. Simply add water to get 20 quarts of ready-to-use cleaning from one quart of 20X. It may be used to clean carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, garments, and grease and oil stains. The same holds true for gallons and drums… 20 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner may be made from one gallon of 20X. One 55-gallon barrel yields 1,100 gallons of finished cleaning.

ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner

  • ADVANAGE is marketed by young, eager, well-trained men and women recruited from America’s slums.
  • Our salesmen show its efficacy by physically eliminating stains from the buyer’s home or business.
  • To make dilution measurement simple and precise, a specifically designed and labeled Mixing Applicator is supplied.
  • ADVANGE is also available in pre-mixed, industrial grade, ready-to-use Citrus Gallons, in addition to the 20X Concentrates.
  • Young Americans growing up in our country’s poorer inner-city regions face challenges such as substandard housing, poverty, and violence. Idleness and unemployment lead to hopelessness. Advantage Diversified Products, Inc. provides them with a job and training to enable them to begin earning money and productive citizens.

All ADVANAGE products may be purchased online at or by phone at 877-588-8391.

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