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Elevate Your Cleaning Routine

Summer is here, and that means more time spent enjoying the outdoors. But don’t let cleaning chores slow you down! With Advanage 20x Multi-purpose Cleaner, keeping your home sparkling clean has never been easier.

Long-lasting Cleaning Power

Unlike other cleaners that leave behind residue or require repeated applications, Advanage 20x offers long-lasting results. Spend less time scrubbing and more time soaking up the sun!

Stay Fresh in the Heat

Summer brings its own set of challenges when it comes to cleaning. With Advanage 20x, you can effortlessly remove sweat, sunscreen, and outdoor grime from surfaces, leaving your home smelling fresh and inviting.

Protect Your Surfaces

High temperatures and increased humidity can wreak havoc on your home’s surfaces. Fortunately, Advanage 20x not only cleans but also helps protect against damage, keeping your belongings looking like new all season long.

Special Summer Offer

As a valued customer, we’re extending our special offer into the summer months! Get 2 quarts of Advanage 20x Multi-purpose Cleaner for only $69.90, with FREE shipping included.

Beat the Heat with Advanage

Don’t let summer stains and messes get the best of you. Stock up on Advanage 20x Multi-purpose Cleaner today and enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable summer season.

How to Order

Ready to experience the cleaning power of Advanage 20x? Simply visit our website and add the summer special to your cart. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner home and more time for summer fun!

Act Now!

Don’t wait until stains set in or grime builds up. Take advantage of our special summer offer and keep your home clean and fresh all season long. Order your Advanage 20x Multi-purpose Cleaner today!


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Our OSHA-approved formula ensures a thorough clean without compromising safety. Choose a cleaner you can trust. đź’Ľ


Delve into the eco-friendly aspect of Advanage 20x. By choosing this cleaner, you contribute to a greener planet without compromising on cleaning efficiency. It’s a win-win for you and the environment.

Budget-Friendly Cleaning Solution Explore how Advanage 20x not only excels in cleaning power but also in affordability. Elevate your cleaning game without breaking the bank – a cost-effective solution for a sparkling clean space.

Unleash the Magic Unveil the enchanting results of using Advanage 20x consistently. The magic lies in its ability to consistently deliver a superior cleaning experience, making it a trusted companion for your daily cleaning needs.


How does Advanage 20x differ from other cleaners in the market?

Advanage 20x stands out with its all-natural formula, ensuring effective cleaning without harsh chemicals. It’s a versatile, multi-purpose cleaner, offering a superior cleaning experience compared to many conventional options.

Is Advanage 20x safe for all surfaces?

Yes, Advanage 20x is formulated to be safe for various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and more. Its gentle yet powerful cleaning action makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Can Advanage 20x be used in households with pets?

Absolutely! Advanage 20x is pet-friendly, providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for homes with furry friends. It leaves no harmful residues, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for both humans and pets.

How often should I use Advanage 20x for optimal results?

For optimal results, use Advanage 20x regularly as part of your cleaning routine. Its consistent use ensures a consistently clean and sanitized living space.

Is Advanage 20x environmentally friendly?

Yes, Advanage 20x is environmentally friendly. Its all-natural composition makes it a sustainable choice for individuals looking to minimize their environmental impact while enjoying powerful cleaning benefits.

Can Advanage 20x be used in commercial cleaning settings?

Certainly! Advanage 20x’s versatility extends to commercial settings, providing an effective and efficient cleaning solution for businesses, offices, and more.


Elevate your cleaning game with Advanage 20x – a true cleaning wonder! Experience the magic of an all-natural, multi-purpose cleaner that not only leaves your space spotless but also contributes to a healthier, greener planet. Make the switch today and witness the transformative power of Advanage 20x!



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the best multi-purpose cleaner
September 12th, 2023 by Hughes

Discover why Advanage 20x is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner for all surfaces in your home. Get expert insights, FAQs, and more in this comprehensive guide.

the best multi-purpose cleaner The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Different Surfaces in Your Home, Advanage 20x.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining a clean and healthy living environment is paramount. The right multi-purpose cleaner can be a game-changer, simplifying your cleaning routine and ensuring a sparkling home. In this guide, we explore the magic of Advanage 20x, the best multi-purpose cleaner for different surfaces in your home.


Cleaning your home should be efficient, effective, and safe. Advanage 20x checks all these boxes and more. This article delves into why Advanage 20x stands out as the top choice for your cleaning needs. We’ll cover its versatility, safety, environmental friendliness, and more. Let’s dive in!

The Versatility of Advanage 20x

Cleaning Made Easy

Advanage 20x is a versatile powerhouse. From kitchen counters to bathroom tiles, it tackles dirt and grime effortlessly. Its concentrated formula means a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice.

Safe for All Surfaces

One of the standout features of Advanage 20x is its gentle yet effective formula. It’s safe for use on a wide range of surfaces, including glass, wood, stainless steel, and more. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple cleaning products.

Tough on Stains

Stubborn stains are no match for Advanage 20x. Whether it’s spilled wine on the carpet or grease in the oven, this cleaner gets the job done without harsh chemicals.

Why Choose Advanage 20x?

Environmentally Friendly

Advanage 20x is not only effective but also environmentally conscious. Its biodegradable formula minimizes its impact on the planet, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Safe for Your Family

With Advanage 20x, you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes or toxins. It’s non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets, ensuring a healthy living space for your family.

Trusted for Decades

Advanage 20x has been a household name for over 40 years. Its consistent quality and effectiveness have earned the trust of countless homeowners.

Expert Insights on Advanage 20x

The Cleaning Expert’s Verdict

We reached out to cleaning experts for their take on Advanage 20x. Sarah Smith, a professional cleaner with 15 years of experience, says, “I recommend Advanage 20x to all my clients. It’s a game-changer in the cleaning industry.”

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it; customers love Advanage 20x too. Jane Doe, a satisfied customer, raves, “I’ve tried countless cleaners, but Advanage 20x is in a league of its own. It’s a must-have in every home.”


Q: Is Advanage 20x safe to use on granite countertops?

A: Yes, Advanage 20x is safe for use on granite countertops. Its gentle formula won’t harm the surface, leaving it clean and shiny.

Q: Can I use Advanage 20x to clean my windows?

A: Absolutely! Advanage 20x is excellent for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. It leaves no streaks and ensures crystal-clear views.

Q: Is Advanage 20x suitable for cleaning hardwood floors?

A: Yes, Advanage 20x is safe for hardwood floors. Dilute it according to the instructions, and it will clean without damaging the wood.

Q: Does Advanage 20x have a strong odor?

A: No, Advanage 20x is virtually odorless. You won’t have to deal with any overpowering chemical smells while cleaning.

Q: Is Advanage 20x eco-friendly?

A: Yes, Advanage 20x is environmentally friendly. Its biodegradable formula ensures it’s safe for the planet.

Q: Can Advanage 20x remove tough stains like red wine?

A: Yes, Advanage 20x is known for its stain-removing capabilities. It can tackle red wine stains and many other tough stains with ease.


In the quest for the best multi-purpose cleaner for different surfaces in your home, Advanage 20x emerges as the clear winner. Its versatility, safety, and eco-friendliness make it a standout choice. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and experience the cleaning magic of Advanage 20x for yourself.

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The Complete Guide to Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner
August 10th, 2022 by GBN1

Introduction of Advanage 20x multipurpose cleaner

Advanage is a multipurpose cleaner that is used for cleaning almost anything. This includes surfaces, fabrics, and even carpets. It has a fresh scent and can be used in any room of the house.

Product Description:

Advanage is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used to clean almost any surface in your home. It has a fresh scent and can be used on everything from carpets to kitchen counters.

Benefits of the Product

Advantage 20x multipurpose cleaner is a powerful, yet safe and green, cleaner. It has a wide variety of uses and can be used on any surface in your home.

This multipurpose cleaner has been designed to clean all types of surfaces and it is also safe for the environment. It contains no chlorine or ammonia, which means that it won’t emit any harmful fumes when you use it.

Usage Instructions and Tips

The Advanced 20X Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful, concentrated cleaner that can be used for many tasks.

Just follow these simple steps to get the most out of your cleaner:

1. Spray the surface you want to clean with the Advanced 20X Multi-Purpose Cleaner

2. Wait a few minutes before wiping away any dirt, grime, or stains with a damp cloth or sponge

3. Rinse and dry the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel

Learn More

Go to to purchase our Disinfectant Special. Buy two quarts of ADVANAGE 20X and you get one quart of our one-step, spray and wipe Nemesis Disinfectant FREE and shipping is FREE.

Advanage Diversified Products, Inc., 16615 S. Halsted Street, Harvey, IL 60426. 708.331.8390,

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Positive Reviews About Advanage 20x
March 9th, 2022 by GBN1

  1. Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. created, manufactures, and distributes its patented ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner. Here are fifteen (15) reasons why customers purchase ADVANAGE on a regular basis…
    ADVANAGE cleans everything and can be used hundreds of times.
  2. It got 96 percent overall cleaning efficacy in an Independent Laboratory test, compared to 86 percent for the leading retail brand.
  3. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Because it contains our patented emulsion agent, it’s one-of-a-kind.
  4. Because it’s a concentrate, it’s inexpensive—one quart yields twenty quarts of ready-to-use cleaning.
  5. Independent testing revealed that it exceeded the FDA’s Ready Biodegradability criteria by 7.6 percent.
  6. There are no phosphates in ADVANAGE.
  7. It also doesn’t include any other harsh components, making it environmentally friendly.
  8. Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and fragrance-free Clear are the four scents available.
  9. There are quarts, gallons, drums, and totes available.
  10. A cleaning product is required by everyone. Hundreds of millions of people use ADVANAGE in their homes, businesses, and industries.

There are five more reasons…

  1. Young, passionate, well-trained men and women recruited from America’s inner cities sell ADVANAGE.
  2. Our salespeople show the product’s efficiency by eliminating stains from the buyer’s home or office.
  3. To make dilution measurement simple and accurate, a specifically designed and marked Mixing Applicator is supplied.
  4. ADVANGE is also available in pre-mixed, industrial grade, ready-to-use Citrus Gallons in addition to the 20X Concentrates.
  5. Young Americans growing up in the nation’s poorer inner-city communities face substandard housing, poverty, and crime. Idleness and unemployment breed despondency. Advantage Diversified Products, Inc. provides them with a job and training to enable them to begin earning money and participating members of society.

All ADVANAGE products can be purchased online at or by calling 877-588-8391.

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Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Your Home
October 26th, 2021 by GBN1

This Cleaner Does it All

With the current COVID-19 epidemic, it is critical to clean and disinfect your house on a regular basis to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

While person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 is far more dangerous than surface transmission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests washing and sanitizing high-touch surfaces at least once a day, even if you’re not leaving the house. That’s because there’s a chance of exposure whenever objects or people come in and out of your home.

According to a recent study, the new coronavirus may survive in the air for up to three hours and on surfaces such as cardboard for up to 24 hours and plastic and stainless steel for up to three days.

Here are a few tips for thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your home and keeping your family as germ-free as possible.

5.0 out of 5 stars. “Amazing stuff, really, it is.”

“This stuff cleans anything! It’s removed blood from my ivory sheets,
chocolate, ketchup, mayonnaise, oil, etc. I used it to clean so many
things, mainly laundry prep and general cleanings like the kitchen and
bathroom. I will be glad to have it in the house again.” Ama Raevyn77
ADVANAGE 20X is available for purchase at or
by calling 877.588.8391

We have worked really hard over the years to bring you a multi-purpose cleaner like no other. And this has yielded many loyal customers over the years.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

It is critical to understand that cleaning a surface – merely removing dirt and particulates – is not the same as disinfecting it to kill viruses and germs.

You can clean hard surfaces with a variety of chemicals, including soapy water and vinegar. While cleaning high-traffic surfaces to eliminate pollutants, dust, and debris is an important part of cleaning your house, you must also disinfect those surfaces to protect them from the new coronavirus.

Disinfecting Against COVID-19

You don’t have to clean your house from top to bottom every day, but you should concentrate on sterilizing germ-infested regions. The following are the most crucial objects to disinfect on a daily basis:

  • Cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls
  • Faucets
  • Counters in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Toilets, in particular, the seat and handle
  • Handles for refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves
  • Game controllers and remote controls
  • Cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices
  • Computer mice and keyboards
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Surfaces of tables
  • Railings for the stairs
  • Switchplates/light switches

Wear disposable gloves if feasible, and dispose of them after disinfection. If you’re using reusable gloves, make sure to disinfect them when you’re through. Remember to wash your hands before and after cleaning and disinfecting your home.

How to Clean and Disinfect If You Have a Sick Person In Your Home

If you have a sick individual in your home, the CDC advises you to take extra care to clean and disinfect your living spaces.

The ill individual should be kept away from the rest of the family and, if feasible, utilize a separate bedroom and bathroom. Only clean and disinfect the area surrounding the ill person as necessary, such as when the area is dirty. This will help you restrict your interaction with the sick person.

If feasible, supply cleaning products to the sick person so that they can clean their own place if they are able. If you share a restroom with someone who is ill, they should clean and disinfect the area after each use. If this isn’t possible, wait as long as you can before cleaning and disinfecting.

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July 16th, 2021 by GBN1


Super-Concentrated ADVANAGE 20X Does it All. Hundreds of Uses.
 Save big money when you buy by the case (4 Gallons per case). Mix and Match any combination. Free shipping on all gallon purchases.

Deep clean surfaces and emulsify oils and grease. Remove mold, mildew, and odors from anywhere. Fresh scent. Just as strong as our other cleaning products! Fragrance-free. For light-colored carpets and fabrics.

REGULAR PRICE = $399.00.
20X SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE = $279.95 (Save $119.85) plus FREE SHIPPING

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remove mildew and mold
May 28th, 2021 by GBN1

Need to Remove Mildew and Mildew?

Does spring make mildew worse?

The spring is here and with it comes the rain and mildew. Yuch. Mildew and mold, which is considered a year-round allergy, can also wreak havoc in spring. This is especially true when damp and rainy conditions, followed by warmer weather, lead to a high concentration of mold.

How do I treat mildew?

To remove mildew and mold effectively from walls and grout, Larry suggests that you mix a solution of one part Advanage Multi Purpose Cleaner to twenty parts water. Spray the moldy areas and lightly scrub with a brush. Dampen (don’t soak) a sponge with the solution and wipe for a final touch. (Remember to wear protective gear such as glasses, gloves and even a face mask, advises Larry.)

Advanage. This concentrated, all-purpose cleaner has hundreds of uses. Cleans just about everything. Eco-friendly and safe around children and pets. Includes a free Mixing Applicator.

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May 14th, 2021 by GBN1

It will clean anything and fast. The 5:1 dilution is perfect for auto detailing and cleaning grease (so fast!). The 10:1 is my go-to shower spray for soap scum.” Azta


ADVANAGE 20X is available in Lavender,
Citrus, Green Apple and odorless Clear.

ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® has proven to be a superb, extraordinary multipurpose cleaner.

There is nothing like it. One of a kind. Its proprietary surfactant/emulsion agent powers it through the most difficult, stains
leaving no residual stains on the surface or the cleaning utensils.

Cleans everything. Hundreds of uses. Made in the USA.

Environmentally friendly. Phosphate free. Super concentrated.

Go to Get a free Spring-Cleaning gift on orders over $100.00.

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New Challenge Inc - Our traveling sales team
March 4th, 2021 by GBN1

Advanage 20x is a good multi purpose cleaner.

The Best AllPurpose Cleaner: Advanage 20x MultiSurface Cleaner. When you have a mess and need a good cleaner, look no further than Advanage 20x MultiSurface Cleaner. … When it comes to a multi-surface spray cleaner that is safe to use in your kitchen on surfaces like countertops, tables, and stoves. Our multi-purpose cleaner is better than good.

What does multi purpose cleaner do?

Our cleaner also serves as a disinfectant, so it can be used inside your refrigerator and to wipe down food-handling areas. It will leave the surfaces clean and germ-free. You can even use it to mop down tiles or linoleum flooring.

Do multi purpose cleaners disinfect?

Many all-purpose cleaners also disinfect surfaces, but once you touch the surface bacteria begin to grow immediately. Advanage 20x can be purchased as a ready-to-use solution or as a concentrate that you can dilute. Either way, you can keep a spray bottle in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or where ever you need a quick, effective cleaner or disinfectant.

Does in come in various scents?

Yes, Advanage 20x comes in 4 scents. Lavender, Citrus, Green Apple, and Clear which is neutral. Each scent can be purchased by quart or gallon.

Visit our store to learn more or take advantage of our current specials.

multi purpose cleaner

Advanage. This concentrated, all-purpose cleaner has hundreds of uses. Cleans just about everything. Eco-friendly and safe around children and pets. Includes a free Mixing Applicator.


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