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What's in ADVANAGE 20X

What’s in ADVANAGE 20X?

Advanage is a cleaning product that contains 2-Butoxyethanol, d’limonene, and sodium metasilicate. These three ingredients are good degreasers.

ADVANAGE is a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution that removes most stains on fabrics. It’s also safe and effective for the environment. One super-concentrated quart makes it all-purpose cleaner.

SUPER-CONCENTRATED Advanage 20X with its proprietary emulsion agent (surfactant) emulsifies oils and grease on contact.

This multi-purpose cleaner is ideal for removing most stains, such as oil, water spots, and ink. It’s also gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics.

Scents: Green Apple, Lavender, Citrus, and Clear. Each fragrance is formulated to work seamlessly with carpet and fabric cleaning.

How do you use Advanage 20X?

ADVANAGE 20X is a safe and effective way to remove tarnish from fine jewelry. It can be used on all types of jewelry. Mix one (1) ounce of to twenty (20) ounces of water. Place jewelry (do not immerse watches) in the solution for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove and rinse with clear water.

Advanage Wonder Cleaners has been a part of the American family since 1980. Over the years, we have been able to provide millions of individuals with meaningful employment.

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Try Advanage 20x Gallons

ADVANAGE 20X All-Purpose Cleaners remove grease, dirt, and stains and consistently, producing amazing results.

Try Advanage 20xThe ADVANAGE product has been continuously improved over the years. In 2008, it was enhanced with the addition of an innovative surfactant known as the Emulsion Agent. This emulsion agent improves the product’s emulsification properties, resulting in a dramatic improvement when cleaning oily and greasy surfaces.

Being concentrated helps minimize the number of phosphates in our environment. This allows us to leave our planet cleaner and safer for future generations. In independent laboratory tests for ready biodegradability, ADVANAGE exceeded the U.S. Government standard of 70% by 7.6%.

ADVANAGE 20X is an ultra-concentrated cleaner that’s ideal for cleaning various surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, laundry, and carpet. It’s also easy to use with one gallon of water and one drum. one gallon of 20X makes 20 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner. One 55 gallon drum makes 1,100 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

Ready to Try Advanage 20x?

All ADVANAGE products are available for purchase here at or over the phone at 877-588-8391.

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Super-Concentrated ADVANAGE 20X Does it All. Hundreds of Uses.
 Save big money when you buy by the case (4 Gallons per case). Mix and Match any combination. Free shipping on all gallon purchases.

Deep clean surfaces and emulsify oils and grease. Remove mold, mildew, and odors from anywhere. Fresh scent. Just as strong as our other cleaning products! Fragrance-free. For light-colored carpets and fabrics.

REGULAR PRICE = $399.00.
20X SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE = $279.95 (Save $119.85) plus FREE SHIPPING

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It will clean anything and fast. The 5:1 dilution is perfect for auto detailing and cleaning grease (so fast!). The 10:1 is my go-to shower spray for soap scum.” Azta


ADVANAGE 20X is available in Lavender,
Citrus, Green Apple and odorless Clear.

ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® has proven to be a superb, extraordinary multipurpose cleaner.

There is nothing like it. One of a kind. Its proprietary surfactant/emulsion agent powers it through the most difficult, stains
leaving no residual stains on the surface or the cleaning utensils.

Cleans everything. Hundreds of uses. Made in the USA.

Environmentally friendly. Phosphate free. Super concentrated.

Go to Get a free Spring-Cleaning gift on orders over $100.00.

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Get 4 Gallons of Clear Advanage 20x Wondercleaner for $279.95


Fragrance-free. For light-colored carpets and fabrics.

Free Shipping. There are four variations available. Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and odorless Clear.

Purchase online @

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Read What Customers Have to Say

The ultra-concentrated ADVANAGE 20X Wonder Cleaner can be purchased at or by calling 877-588-8391.

Here’s what some of those customers had to say about this amazing multipurpose cleaner that’s non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, and safe around kids and pets (words obtained from from

“Without a question, this is the best general-purpose cleaner I’ve ever used.” Floors, tubs, and other fixtures

Sinks, stoves, ovens, cast iron burners, patio furniture, damaged clothing, and even car upholstery are all examples.”

“How did I ever get by without it?”

“I was able to completely remove the rust from my shower, as well as the grout, with ease.”

“It’s fantastic!” It gets rid of everything.”

“Cleans windows, floors, counters, walls… pretty much anything.”

It also doesn’t have an odor that irritates sensitive people.”

“Excellent product at an excellent price!”

“I just used a 20:1 dilution of this to remove tar from my automobile.

To wipe off, I used an old t-shirt. “Wonderful!”

“Five out of five stars.” “I’ve been using it for years.”

“10 out of 10!!! “It was well worth every penny.” “Awesome. “The Best Ever.” “I’m really into this.”

Visit or call 877-588-8391 to order Advanage 20X Wonder Cleaner.

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Motivation Matters
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“This is a Miracle Cleaner…
nuff said!”

Ultra-concentrated ADVANAGE 20X Wonder Cleaner is available for sale online at or over the phone at 877-588- 8391.

It is also available on Amazon. Here is what some of those customers (quotes taken directly from have to say about this extraordinary multipurpose cleaner that is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free and safe around children and pets.

“Without a doubt, this is the best cleaner I have ever used for general cleaning. Floors, tubs,

sinks, stoves, ovens, cast iron burners, patio furniture, stained clothing, even car upholstery.”

“How did I live without this before?”

“I cleaned the rust out of my shower amazingly and my grout so easy.”

“Love it! It removes everything.”

“Cleans glass, floors, counters, walls… just about anything

and it doesn’t have an odor that irritates if you are sensitive either.”

“Great product and Great price!”

“Just used this in the 20:1 dilution to remove tar off my car.

Used and old t-shirt to wipe off. Great stuff!”

“Five stars. Used it for years.”

“10 Stars!!! Worth every Penny.” “Awesome. Best Ever.” “Love this stuff.”

To purchase Advanage 20X Wonder Cleaner, go to or call 877-588- 8391.

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One Gallon of 20X Concentrate Makes
20 Gallons of Ready-to-Use Cleaner


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.49.18 PMADVANAGE 20X is Ultra-concentrated. Just add water and you will have the most powerful cleaner in the industry and at the same time, you will have a ready-to- use cleaner that contains no phosphates, is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe around children and pets.


Being ultra-concentrated is what makes ADVANAGE 20X so affordable because one gallon of 20X makes 20 gallons (80 quarts) of the best ready-to-use cleaner anywhere. Use it for carpet cleaning, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, and clothes. It is without question the best and only cleaner you’ll ever need.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.49.33 PM

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Commercial Salesperson
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Carpet Cleaning by Advanage20x.


For routine care, a vacuum cleaner is your most important tool.  Vacuum at least weekly or even more often where there is heavy traffic.

However, you will inevitably have to deal with carpet stains.  Millions of people have purchased our Advanage cleaners for this purpose.  Thousands say it is the best cleaner they have ever used when it comes to difficult-to-remove stains. Here is what we have learned about carpet stain removal.

  1. Do a colorfastness test first. Pre-test on an inconspicuous are of the carpet.  Apply several drops of the cleaner.  Hold a wet white cloth next to the area for 60 seconds. Examine it for color transfer or fabric damage.  If there is none, proceed as follows.  See Note below:
  2. Apply the liquid cleaner.  Let it sit for a minute.  Then blot, don’t scrub. Blot with a white paper towel or both until the area is dry.
  3. Be patient. You may have to repeat the procedure.
  4. When the stain is removed, flush with water to remove all remnants of the cleaner. Then blot.

Note: Some cleaner liquids have a distinct color which when applied to a light color carpet leave there own color stain on the carpet.  So… use a neutral-color carpet cleaner.  Our company’s Advanage 20X Clear Multipurpose Cleaner was developed for exactly that purpose… to be used on light-colored carpets and fabrics.

For more information about our cleaning products go to or call us at 708-331-8390.  


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Motivation Matters
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For the past 35 years, our company Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. has been hiring young people from our nation’s underprivileged inner cities.  We hire them because to sell our products successfully, door-to-door, you don’t need a college (or even a high school) degree.  

All they need is to be willing to listen, learn, and work hard.  Soon, not only have they learned how to sell and make some money, they have also gained the self-confidence and self-discipline to succeed in all walks of life and become contributing citizens.

Consequently, there are thousands of appreciative Advanage alumni all over this nation and we hear from them continually.  Here is a snippet from an email we recently received from one (not so young any more) former agent.  

“… when I worked with you, I learned so much about people and the slice of life I that can be obtained by being motivated and aggressive.  I also learned that successful people are not afraid to suggest and create new ideas.   Thank you for the dedication you have given to people.”

Please note he uses the words “motivated and aggressive.” That’s because we teach and show our people than a motivated, aggressive, enthusiastic and hard working person will outperform lethargic and unmotivated people every time.  

This is what we’re doing, on a broader scale by forming a 501c3 non-profit organization,  Our foundation provides workforce development programs for these unemployed, underprivileged young Americans.  We teach them workforce skills and we also instill in them the desire and confidence to go through life with gusto.  Please visit our website and help us help these young people learn how to make a living and live a better life.


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