Happy and Pleased in North Carolina

Customer Comment:

I am not writing this email as a complaint, I just purchased your cleaning product a few days ago. I was impressed by the girl that sold it to me but to tell you the truth I was not a hundred sold that it was all she said it was. And after I bought it I even told my daughter that I must have been crazy to pay that much for a cleaning product. I used it to clean a few things, it cleaned well, but I still felt that I had been crazy to have bought it, that is until today. 

I had a set of shower curtains that had somehow gotten greasy or something on them when I was moving from Indiana to North Carolina. And for about 4 months I bought so many cleaners trying to get the stain out and never was able to. I had tried so many cleaners trying to get out because I really liked the curtains very much, but after 4 months of trying to get them out, I was ready to give up and trash them.

After buying your cleaning product I thought I might as well try it, but really did not expect it to work as so many times before did not. Well to my amazement your cleaner did get the stain out, and that really shocked me. I was so happy that I just had to email you and tell you

I am so pleased with your cleaning product, and no longer feel that I was crazy to spend that much on a cleaning product because after it got the stain out I know that is going to be the best cleaning product I ever purchased, and know that I will purchase more when what I have is about gone.


Happy and Pleased
in North Carolina 

November 8th, 2021 by