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Here is a real quote from a user of Advanage 20X. She discusses Advanage in four main ways.

  • Numerous applications—”used for every type of household cleaning”
  • Cost-effective: “one bottle lasted us a year”
  • Aroma is pleasing – “The scent is extremely pleasing.”
  • Safe: “I don’t have to worry about my dogs or our kid being exposed to chemicals from mopping, etc.”

From Katrina, “I Use Advanage20x for Everything”

We utilized the cleaner for all of our household cleaning needs, and one bottle lasted us a full year because it just needs a small amount of water to produce effective cleaning results.

On oven grease, a somewhat more strong mixture of it washes off as if something had just been spilled there after only a few brief minutes!

I don’t worry about the chemicals used in mopping, etc., harming my dogs or our child because the smell is quite lovely and enjoyable to be around after use.

When we ran out of this product, switching to other name-brand cleansers from the neighborhood store felt inferior in contrast, so I have a feeling I’ll be a lifelong user.

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To begin, remind everyone in the household to wipe clean tubs and sinks after each use with a soft cloth to avoid filth and soap deposits from accumulating. If the sink is stainless steel, wipe it down with a dry cloth a second time. Spots will occur if there is standing water.

How you clean a tub and sink is determined by the material. On acrylic, fiberglass, stainless steel, or sealed-marble tubs and basins, never use abrasive cleaners like scouring powders or steel wool. Instead, clean using a sponge and hot water, as well as a liquid cleanser. Also, check sure the cleaner is environmentally friendly, as poisonous liquid cleaners are a major source of contamination in our country’s streams.

ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner is a liquid cleaner that cleans your bathtub and sinks better than you could ever think. It’s also non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, and suitable for use around children and pets. Visit or call 877-588-8391 for additional information.

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20X Multipurpose Cleaner

About 20X Multipurpose Cleaner

Concentrated all-purpose cleaner. Only one cleaner. There are hundreds of applications. A single quart of concentrated ADVANAGE 20X yields 20 quarts of ready-to-use cleaning. Eco-friendly and safe. The best multifunctional cleaner in the country.

Product Specifications
SUPER-CONCENTRATED Advanage 20X emulsifies oils and grease on contact with its patented emulsion agent (surfactant).

ULTIMATE WONDER CLEANER: This multi-purpose cleaner is strong enough to remove even the most stubborn stains while being gentle on your fine textiles. There are hundreds of applications, including oil stains, water spots, pen stains, glass, mirrors, and everything in between. Simply add water to produce 20 quarts of ready-to-use cleaning from one quart.

OUR CLEANERS ARE SOLD ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES BY YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN WE RECRUIT FROM THE COUNTRY’S INNER CITIES. We hire them, train them, and educate them on how to deal with the difficulties of life. We assist them to develop emotionally and professionally, as well as show them how to generate money.

20X Multipurpose Cleaner has 4 scents

SELECT YOUR FAVORITE FRAGRANCE: Advanage is available in four distinct fragrances. Citrus, Green Apple, Lavender, and Clear are all flavors. Clear is odorless and unscented, making it ideal for light-colored carpets and linens. Advanage’s patented emulsion component (surfactant) is included in all four scents, resulting in exceptional cleaning efficacy.

Our company’s aim has never changed since it was founded in 1980. Our Advanage Wonder Cleaners have been purchased by over 40 million clients. We develop and offer high-performance proprietary products that are reasonably priced and aimed at both the home and commercial sectors. This allows us to create meaningful work (sales positions) for inner-city young adults, allowing them to learn, earn, and grow.

Learn more about 20X Multipurpose Cleaner

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Try Advanage 20x Gallons

ADVANAGE 20X All-Purpose Cleaners remove grease, dirt, and stains and consistently, producing amazing results.

Try Advanage 20xThe ADVANAGE product has been continuously improved over the years. In 2008, it was enhanced with the addition of an innovative surfactant known as the Emulsion Agent. This emulsion agent improves the product’s emulsification properties, resulting in a dramatic improvement when cleaning oily and greasy surfaces.

Being concentrated helps minimize the number of phosphates in our environment. This allows us to leave our planet cleaner and safer for future generations. In independent laboratory tests for ready biodegradability, ADVANAGE exceeded the U.S. Government standard of 70% by 7.6%.

ADVANAGE 20X is an ultra-concentrated cleaner that’s ideal for cleaning various surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, laundry, and carpet. It’s also easy to use with one gallon of water and one drum. one gallon of 20X makes 20 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner. One 55 gallon drum makes 1,100 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

Ready to Try Advanage 20x?

All ADVANAGE products are available for purchase here at or over the phone at 877-588-8391.

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Our Advanage Ready to use formula is great. It is,

Not a Concentrate. Industrial Strength.
Ready to Use, and No Mixing Required.

A best seller with farmers, ranchers, and dairy owners. Also popular with printing press owners and heavy equipment businesses.

Pre-mixed, no dilution required, this extraordinary, ready-to-use, industrial-strength multipurpose cleaner cleans most everything carpets, soap scum, mold and mildew, oxidation, hard water spots, floors, and walls.

It easily removes oil and grease from counters, sinks, appliances, vehicles, and concrete floors. ADVANAGE PRE-MIXED WONDER CLEANER contains no phosphates, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe around children and pets.

View Details

Ready To Use Formula – Gallons $64.95

Advanage Ready To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Advanage 20x is a good multi purpose cleaner.

The Best AllPurpose Cleaner: Advanage 20x MultiSurface Cleaner. When you have a mess and need a good cleaner, look no further than Advanage 20x MultiSurface Cleaner. … When it comes to a multi-surface spray cleaner that is safe to use in your kitchen on surfaces like countertops, tables, and stoves. Our multi-purpose cleaner is better than good.

What does multi purpose cleaner do?

Our cleaner also serves as a disinfectant, so it can be used inside your refrigerator and to wipe down food-handling areas. It will leave the surfaces clean and germ-free. You can even use it to mop down tiles or linoleum flooring.

Do multi purpose cleaners disinfect?

Many all-purpose cleaners also disinfect surfaces, but once you touch the surface bacteria begin to grow immediately. Advanage 20x can be purchased as a ready-to-use solution or as a concentrate that you can dilute. Either way, you can keep a spray bottle in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or where ever you need a quick, effective cleaner or disinfectant.

Does in come in various scents?

Yes, Advanage 20x comes in 4 scents. Lavender, Citrus, Green Apple, and Clear which is neutral. Each scent can be purchased by quart or gallon.

Visit our store to learn more or take advantage of our current specials.

multi purpose cleaner

Advanage. This concentrated, all-purpose cleaner has hundreds of uses. Cleans just about everything. Eco-friendly and safe around children and pets. Includes a free Mixing Applicator.


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ADVANAGE Super-Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner

Outperforms the Leading Retail Brands


In Independent laboratory tests for cleaning effectiveness, super-concentrated, eco-friendly ADVANAGE Multipurpose Cleaner out performed all other cleaners in its class. ADVANAGE scored 96% – far outdoing the leading brand name retail cleaner which only scored 87%.

Rigid testing for cleaning effectiveness was conducted in eleven areas including ceramic and vinyl tile, semi-gloss enamel, Formica counters, stainless steel and all areas of restrooms and grease-soiled surfaces.

Advanage Diversified Products, Founder and President Nathan T. Edwards says, “We elected to submit our product to subjective testing in order to prove to the world what we already knew… ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner may well be the number one cleaning product in America. Certainly these test results validate that our customers are getting more for their money and buying a proven winner.”

For more information about ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner go to or call 877-588-8391.

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November 11th, 2015 by GBN1

Cleaning products with phosphates can cause “dead zones” in lakes and streams. Dead zones are areas in our oceans, lakes, and streams that contain little to no oxygen, and are therefore unable to support aquatic life. These dead zones are caused by pollution from human activities.

Detergents used in many liquid cleaners  are rich in phosphates which cause algae and plankton to flourish in waterways. These algae use up all the oxygen, leaving these dead zones where no fish or other plant life can flourish.

We all have an obligation to protect our environment and leave this place pollution free for our children and future generations.  One multipurpose cleaning product that is eco-friendly is ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner.   It is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free and safe around children and pets.  For more information go to or call 877-588-8391.

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October 5th, 2015 by GBN1

Commercial Clean Up

One of the toughest industrial cleaning jobs is removing tire marks from your garage or hanger floors. If you do not remove these promptly, the buildup can really accumulate into an unsightly mess.

The fastest and easiest approach clean them up is to use an industrial floor scrubber. Use a liquid cleaner with a high-powered surfactant (surface active agent) so that stubborn rubber marks are emulsified with your liquid cleaner. This way you’ll get a clean floor, free of scuff marks.

You should also maintain a regular sweeping schedule. Remove any debris, oil and grease that might be left behind. Not doing so can make the concrete or asphalt deteriorate faster which can cause premature cracks. These can create potholes, or even sink holes in certain situations.

Clean up any spills immediately, Spills can often have bigger consequences as they sometimes leave hazardous fluids on the garage or hanger floors. Train your employees and make sure they are aware of the dangers in letting spills, oil, grease and debris build up over time..

ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner, with its powerful, patented surfactant, is the ideal liquid cleaner to use for cleaning up tire marks and just about everything else. And it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free and safe around children and animals. For more information go to or call 877-588-8391.

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