There are twenty different reasons why it is referred to as ADVANAGE 20X.

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ADVANAGE 20x, the nation’s finest and most powerful multipurpose cleaner, is also the safest for the environment. It is ultra-concentrated. You simply add water, and one quart of concentrated 20X will yield twenty quarts of ready-to-use everyday cleaning solution. You save a lot of money.

It can be used both indoors and out. Cleaning your carpets, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and automobile are all recommended. There are a plethora of applications. One cleaner takes care of everything.

Using one gallon of Ultra-Concentrated 20X, you can make twenty gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

ADVANAGE 20X Wonder Cleaner effectively removes dirt, grease, and even the most stubborn stains. Perfect for any type of surface… both inside and outside of the house

One quart of concentrated 20X cleans up to twenty quarts of regular cleaning solution. There are no phosphates in this product. Made in the United States of America.

ADVANAGE 20X All-Purpose Cleaners effectively remove grease, dirt, and stains on a consistent basis, resulting in spectacular results.

Performance Formulation changes have allowed the product to be improved numerous times over the course of 40 years of production. It was not until late 2008 that the ADVANAGE formulation was improved by incorporation of the company’s proprietary Emulsion Agent surfactant, which increases the emulsification properties of the product, resulting in a significant improvement in the cleaning performance of oily and greasy surfaces.

Environmental Because it is free of phosphates and highly concentrated (we ship one plastic container instead of 20 filled mostly with water). We have the ability to leave our planet in a safe and healthy state for future generations to inhabit. The ready biodegradability of ADVANAGE was tested in an independent laboratory and found to be 7.6 percent higher than the 70 percent standard set by the United States government.

Ultra-concentrated. The fact that ADVANAGE 20X is ultra-concentrated is what makes it so affordable. Simply add water to one quart of 20X and you’ll have 20 quarts of ready-to-use cleaner in no time. It can be used for carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, laundry cleaning, clothes cleaning, and removing grease and oil stains. The same is true for gallon containers and drums… Using one gallon of 20X, you can make up to twenty gallons of ready-to-use cleaner. 1100 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner can be made from a single 55-gallon drum.

ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner is available in four scents: Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and Odorless Clear.

Ready-to-Use Quarts. All ADVANAGE products are available for purchase at or over the phone at 877-588-8390.

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