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Wholesale Distributors Wanted
September 20th, 2023 by GBN1

Are you ready to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey? If so, Advanage 20X is here to guide you toward success. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the myriad opportunities this remarkable company offers to budding entrepreneurs like you. Let’s delve into the world of Advanage 20X and discover how you can be a part of its expanding distributor network.

Wholesale Distributors WantedWhat is Advanage 20X?

Advanage 20X is a dynamic and innovative company that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning solutions. With a rich history spanning several decades, Advanage 20X has consistently provided high-quality cleaning products that are safe for both people and the environment. Their flagship product, Advanage Wonder Cleaner, has garnered a loyal customer base and glowing reviews, making it a sought-after solution in the cleaning industry.

Why Choose Advanage 20X for Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Quality You Can Trust

Advanage 20X prides itself on delivering top-tier cleaning products. When you become a part of their distributor network, you align yourself with a brand that values quality above all else. Your customers will appreciate the efficacy and safety of Advanage products, fostering trust and repeat business.

Lucrative Business Opportunity

Starting your entrepreneurial journey with Advanage 20X opens doors to a lucrative business opportunity. The demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions is on the rise, and Advanage’s competitive pricing and commissions structure can help you achieve financial success while making a positive impact on the environment.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Worried about stepping into the unknown? Advanage 20X offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to its distributors. You’ll receive guidance on product knowledge, sales strategies, and marketing techniques, ensuring you have the tools to thrive in your entrepreneurial venture.

Eco-Friendly Products

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, Advanage 20X stands out with its commitment to eco-friendliness. By promoting and selling these environmentally responsible products, you’re not only growing your business but also contributing to a greener planet.

Advanage 20X Distributor Network: A Closer Look

Getting Started as a Distributor

Becoming an Advanage 20X distributor is a straightforward process. You can start small and gradually build your business. The flexibility offered by Advanage allows you to set your own pace and scale your operations as you gain confidence and experience.

Marketing Strategies that Work

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any entrepreneurial endeavor. Advanage 20X equips you with proven marketing strategies that have been refined over years of successful distribution. Learn how to connect with your target audience and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Leveraging the Advanage Brand

Advanage 20X’s reputation precedes it. As a distributor, you’ll benefit from the brand’s strong presence in the market. Customers trust Advanage products, making it easier for you to introduce them to a product they can rely on.

Competitive Commissions

Earning potential is a key factor in your entrepreneurial journey. Advanage 20X offers competitive commissions and bonuses to reward your hard work. The more you sell, the more you earn. It’s a simple equation that can lead to financial independence.

FAQs – Your Burning Questions Answered

What is the cost to become an Advanage 20X distributor?

Becoming a distributor is surprisingly affordable. You’ll start with a minimal investment in a starter kit that includes a range of Advanage products and essential tools for your business. This initial investment is your ticket to a world of opportunities.

How much can I earn as an Advanage 20X distributor?

Your earnings as a distributor depend on your efforts and commitment. With a generous commissions structure and potential bonuses, some distributors have achieved substantial incomes. However, it’s essential to remember that success in entrepreneurship requires dedication and hard work.

Is there a minimum sales quota I need to meet?

Advanage 20X does not impose rigid sales quotas on its distributors. You have the flexibility to run your business at your pace. While setting achievable goals is encouraged, you won’t be penalized for occasional fluctuations in your sales volume.

Can I run my Advanage 20X distribution business part-time?

Absolutely! Many distributors start part-time while maintaining other commitments. As your business grows, you can transition to full-time entrepreneurship. Advanage 20X accommodates your schedule and ambitions.

How do I market Advanage products effectively?

Advanage 20X provides marketing support and training to help you market the products effectively. From online strategies to traditional methods, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and knowledge to reach your target audience.

Are Advanage products safe for the environment?

Yes, all Advanage products are environmentally friendly. They are biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals, making them safe for both users and the planet. Your customers will appreciate this commitment to sustainability.

Join the Advanage 20X Family Today!

In conclusion, Advanage 20X offers an incredible opportunity to start your entrepreneurial journey with a reputable company. Their eco-friendly cleaning products, comprehensive support, and generous compensation plan make it an attractive choice for aspiring business owners. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this expanding distributor network.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or looking for a new business venture, consider becoming an Advanage 20X distributor. Start your journey today and watch your dreams take flight with Advanage 20X!

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September 6th, 2023 by Hughes

Discover the power of Advanage 20x, the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner for allergy and asthma sufferers. Learn why it’s a game-changer for a cleaner, healthier home.

The Wonder CleanerIn the pursuit of a clean and allergen-free home, finding the right cleaning product is crucial. If you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, you understand the importance of a cleaner that not only removes dirt and grime but also eliminates allergens and irritants from your living space. Enter Advanage 20x, the best multi-purpose cleaner specially designed for allergy and asthma sufferers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Advanage 20x, exploring its benefits, uses, and why it stands out as the ultimate choice for creating a healthier environment in your home.

Advanage 20x: A Breakdown

Advanage 20x is not just another cleaning product; it’s a game-changer in the world of household cleaning. Here’s a closer look at why it’s the top choice for those with allergies and asthma:

The Science Behind Advanage 20x

Advanage 20x is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that not only clean but also tackle allergens and irritants. Its powerful, eco-friendly formula is designed to break down and remove common allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, ensuring a cleaner and safer living environment.

Versatility at Its Best

One of the standout features of Advanage 20x is its versatility. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used on various surfaces, from countertops and floors to upholstery and carpets. Whether you’re tackling everyday spills or deep cleaning tasks, Advanage 20x has you covered.

Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic

Advanage 20x is hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. It’s a safe choice for allergy and asthma sufferers, as it won’t trigger any adverse reactions. This makes it suitable for families with young children and pets.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Caring for your home also means caring for the environment. Advanage 20x is biodegradable, and its concentrated formula means you use less product, reducing waste and your carbon footprint.

Money-Saving Solution

With Advanage 20x, you won’t need a separate cleaner for every surface in your home. Its multi-purpose functionality saves you money and storage space, while its effectiveness ensures you won’t need to buy cleaning products as frequently.

Using Advanage 20x: Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the benefits of Advanage 20x let’s explore some practical tips and tricks for using it effectively in your home:

General Cleaning

For everyday cleaning, dilute Advanage 20x with water according to the instructions on the bottle. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution and wipe down surfaces with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine.

Deep Cleaning Carpets

To tackle allergens in carpets, use Advanage 20x in your carpet cleaner or steam cleaner. It penetrates deep into the fibers, removing dirt, dust mites, and allergens effectively.

Stain Removal

Advanage 20x is excellent for removing tough stains on clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Apply a small amount directly to the stain, gently rub, and then launder or blot as usual.

Mold and Mildew

For mold and mildew removal, apply Advanage 20x to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Its powerful formula will leave surfaces looking clean and mold-free.

Pet Messes

If you have pets, Advanage 20x is your go-to cleaner for accidents. It neutralizes odors and removes stains, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Advanage 20x safe to use around children and pets?

A: Absolutely! Advanage 20x is hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for your entire family, including furry friends.

Q: How does Advanage 20x compare to other cleaning products?

A: Advanage 20x’s unique formula not only cleans but also tackles allergens, making it a superior choice for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Q: Can I use Advanage 20x on hardwood floors?

A: Yes, you can. Just make sure to dilute it properly, and it will leave your hardwood floors gleaming without causing any damage.

Q: Is Advanage 20x environmentally friendly?

A: Absolutely! Advanage 20x is biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it a responsible choice for both your home and the planet.

Q: Does Advanage 20x have a strong fragrance?

A: No, we have a fragrance-free version, ensuring it won’t overwhelm your senses or trigger allergies.

Q: Where can I purchase Advanage 20x?

A: Advanage 20x is available online and in select retail stores. Visit our website for more information on where to buy.


Advanage 20x is not just a cleaning product; it’s a solution for allergy and asthma sufferers seeking a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable living space. Its unique formula, versatility, and eco-friendly attributes make it the best multi-purpose cleaner on the market. Say goodbye to allergens, harsh chemicals, and cluttered cleaning cabinets. Make the switch to Advanage 20x and experience the difference for yourself.

Don’t compromise on the cleanliness and well-being of your home. Choose Advanage 20x, the ultimate cleaning solution that’s gentle on your family and the planet.

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August 16th, 2023 by GBN1

Is multipurpose cleaner same as all-purpose cleaner?

Dive into this comprehensive article to uncover the key differences, uses, and advantages of these cleaning solutions. Get expert insights and answers to FAQs regarding this cleaning conundrum.

The Cleaning Conundrum

In the world of household cleaning products, terms like “multipurpose cleaner” and “all-purpose cleaner” are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion among consumers. Are they truly the same? Can they be used interchangeably? This article is here to demystify the nuances between these two cleaning superheroes and provide you with a clear understanding of when and how to use them effectively.

Is Multipurpose Cleaner Same as All-Purpose Cleaner?

Many people wonder whether a multipurpose cleaner is the same as an all-purpose cleaner. The short answer is yes, but there are important distinctions to consider.

While both types of cleaners are designed to tackle a wide range of surfaces and messes, the term “multipurpose” can sometimes indicate a broader spectrum of applications. On the other hand, “all-purpose” may imply a more general usage. Essentially, all multipurpose cleaners can be considered all-purpose cleaners, but not all all-purpose cleaners can be labeled as multipurpose.

Exploring the Differences

Ingredients: What Sets Them Apart

When examining the differences between multipurpose and all-purpose cleaners, it’s crucial to peek under the cap and understand the ingredients within. Both cleaners share common elements such as surfactants, detergents, and solvents. However, multipurpose cleaners often boast a more diverse blend of chemicals, making them suitable for specialized tasks like stain removal, grease cutting, and even mild disinfection.

Versatility: The Range of Applications

The versatility of these cleaners is where they truly shine. All-purpose cleaners are your go-to solution for everyday cleaning tasks, like wiping down countertops, tables, and appliances. On the other hand, multipurpose cleaners step up the game, excelling in scenarios where stubborn stains, grime, and sticky residues demand a more potent formula. They can effortlessly transform from a kitchen degreaser to a bathroom sanitizer, showcasing their true multipurpose nature.

Surface Compatibility: Matching the Right Cleaner

The compatibility of these cleaners with different surfaces is a crucial factor in choosing the right one for the job. All-purpose cleaners tend to be gentler, making them suitable for a wide array of surfaces such as glass, tile, wood, and stainless steel. Multipurpose cleaners, with their enhanced cleaning power, are better suited for tougher surfaces like ovens, stovetops, and bathroom tiles. Always check labels and conduct spot tests before widespread application.

Environmental Impact: Making an Informed Choice

As responsible consumers, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact of the products we use. In this realm, all-purpose cleaners often hold an advantage. With their milder formulations, they are generally more eco-friendly than their multipurpose counterparts. However, as awareness grows, many manufacturers are developing environmentally conscious multipurpose cleaners that balance effectiveness with sustainability.

FAQs About Multipurpose and All-Purpose Cleaners

Q: Can I use a multipurpose cleaner on my glass windows without streaks? A: Absolutely! Many multipurpose cleaners are designed to leave glass surfaces sparkling without streaks. Look for a cleaner specifically labeled as safe for glass.

Q: Are there any surfaces where I should avoid using a multipurpose cleaner? A: Yes, you should exercise caution when using multipurpose cleaners on delicate or porous surfaces like marble and granite. These surfaces may require specialized cleaners to prevent damage.

Q: Can I replace my kitchen and bathroom cleaners with a multipurpose cleaner? A: In most cases, yes! A high-quality multipurpose cleaner can effectively tackle kitchen and bathroom messes. However, for specialized cleaning needs, such as mold or mildew removal, consider using designated products.

Q: Are there any safety precautions I should take when using multipurpose cleaners? A: Absolutely. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. Ensure proper ventilation when using cleaners, and avoid mixing different cleaning products, as this can lead to harmful chemical reactions.

Q: Can I make my own multipurpose cleaner at home? A: Certainly! DIY multipurpose cleaners can be concocted using simple ingredients like vinegar, water, and essential oils. However, their efficacy may vary, so be sure to research and test your homemade solution.

Q: Which is better for cleaning tough oven grease: an all-purpose cleaner or a multipurpose cleaner? A: For heavy-duty oven grease, a multipurpose cleaner is generally more effective due to its stronger formula. Make sure to select a multipurpose cleaner with degreasing properties for optimal results.

Conclusion: Clearing the Cleaning Confusion

In the grand cleaning arena, the battle between multipurpose and all-purpose cleaners is not so much a clash as it is a harmonious duet. While they share similarities, their unique qualities cater to different cleaning scenarios and preferences. Both have their place in your cleaning arsenal, empowering you to maintain a pristine and welcoming home.

So, the next time you’re faced with the question, “Is multipurpose cleaner same as all-purpose cleaner?” remember that while they may walk hand in hand, each cleaner has its own distinct rhythm and melody, ensuring your cleaning symphony hits all the right notes.



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remove mildew and mold
August 14th, 2023 by GBN1

Discover the Numerous Advantages of Multipurpose Cleaners for Your Cleaning Needs

Looking for efficient and convenient cleaning solutions? Explore the advantages of multipurpose cleaners that offer versatility, time-saving benefits, and more. Learn how these all-in-one products can simplify your cleaning routine.

In the realm of household cleaning, the search for effective, time-saving, and cost-efficient solutions is never-ending. This leads us to the remarkable world of multipurpose cleaners – versatile heroes that promise to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the myriad advantages of multipurpose cleaners, uncovering how they can revolutionize your cleaning routine, save you valuable time, and contribute to a sparkling and organized living space.

What are the Advantages of Multipurpose Cleaners?

Multipurpose cleaners, as the name suggests, are all-in-one cleaning solutions designed to address a range of cleaning tasks. These versatile products offer several advantages that make them a must-have for every household:

1. Versatility Redefined 🌟

Multipurpose cleaners are the jack-of-all-trades in the cleaning world. They can effortlessly handle diverse surfaces, from kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles to glass surfaces and even stainless steel appliances. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple specialized cleaning products, streamlining your cleaning supplies and saving valuable storage space.

2. Time-Saving Marvel

Time is a precious commodity, and multipurpose cleaners understand that well. With these cleaners in your arsenal, you can bid farewell to the endless cycle of switching between different cleaning solutions. A single bottle of multipurpose cleaner is all you need to conquer various cleaning challenges, allowing you to clean efficiently and devote more time to activities you love.

3. Cost-Effective Solution 💲

Buying individual cleaning products for different surfaces can quickly add up, straining your budget. Multipurpose cleaners offer an economical solution by replacing the need for numerous specialized cleaners. This cost-effective approach not only saves you money but also reduces plastic waste from multiple product containers.

4. Simplified Cleaning Routine

Gone are the days of confusion over which cleaner to use for a specific task. Multipurpose cleaners simplify your cleaning routine, making it easier for you to maintain a tidy home. Whether you’re wiping down kitchen surfaces, cleaning spills, or freshening up your living area, these cleaners have you covered.

5. Environmental Friendliness 🌱

Many multipurpose cleaners are formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients, promoting sustainable cleaning practices. By using a single product for various tasks, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact associated with excessive chemical production and packaging.

6. Convenient and Space-Saving 📦

Say goodbye to cluttered cleaning cabinets overflowing with an assortment of products. Multipurpose cleaners free up space in your storage areas, letting you declutter and organize your cleaning supplies effectively.

7. Efficient Stain Removal 🎯

Whether it’s a stubborn stain on your countertop or an unexpected spill on your floor, multipurpose cleaners are designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Their powerful formulas can often remove stains and grime with ease, minimizing the need for vigorous scrubbing.

8. Enhanced Freshness 🍋

Multipurpose cleaners often come in a variety of refreshing scents, infusing your living space with a delightful aroma. Say hello to a clean and invigorating environment that lingers after every cleaning session.

9. Quick and Easy Application 🧼

With multipurpose cleaners, application is a breeze. Most products feature user-friendly spray nozzles or dispensers that make distributing the cleaner evenly a simple task. This quick application process further contributes to efficient cleaning.

10. Minimalistic Cleaning Approach 🧹

Simplify your cleaning routine and adopt a minimalistic approach by embracing the power of multipurpose cleaners. With fewer products on hand, you can focus on what truly matters – maintaining a pristine and inviting living space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are multipurpose cleaners safe to use around children and pets?

Absolutely! Many multipurpose cleaners are formulated to be safe for use around children and pets. However, it’s always a good idea to check the label for specific instructions and guidelines.

2. Can multipurpose cleaners be used on delicate surfaces like glass?

Yes, indeed. Multipurpose cleaners are often formulated to be gentle yet effective on a variety of surfaces, including glass. Always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area before using on delicate surfaces.

3. Do multipurpose cleaners have any eco-friendly options?

Certainly! As consumer demand for eco-friendly products increases, many brands offer multipurpose cleaners with environmentally conscious formulations. Look for products labeled as “green,” “eco-friendly,” or “natural.”

4. Are there any surfaces that multipurpose cleaners are not suitable for?

While multipurpose cleaners are versatile, there are certain surfaces that may require specialized cleaning products. Avoid using multipurpose cleaners on unfinished wood, as the moisture can potentially damage the surface.

5. Can I create my own multipurpose cleaner at home?

Absolutely! Homemade multipurpose cleaners can be crafted using simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. However, it’s essential to research recipes and follow proper dilution guidelines.

6. How often should I use multipurpose cleaners?

The frequency of use depends on your cleaning habits and the specific cleaning needs of your home. Generally, multipurpose cleaners can be used for regular cleaning tasks and touch-ups as needed.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cleaning products, multipurpose cleaners stand out as versatile, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions. These all-in-one wonders simplify your cleaning routine, offer enhanced convenience, and contribute to a more sustainable cleaning approach. With their ability to tackle various surfaces and tasks, multipurpose cleaners have earned their place as essential tools in every household’s cleaning arsenal.

So why wait? Embrace the advantages of multipurpose cleaners and experience a newfound ease in maintaining your living spaces. With these powerhouse cleaners by your side, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner, more organized, and refreshingly inviting home environment.


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April 24th, 2023 by GBN1

Leading producer and supplier of premium personal care and household goods is Advantage Diversified Products (ADP). The firm is growing its network of independent distributors and affiliates and providing profitable chances for anyone looking to launch their own businesses or add additional goods to their current line-up. In this post, we’ll examine ADP in more detail and see what it can do for prospective affiliates and distributors.

Advantage Diversified Products: Who Are They?

A business that specialized in the manufacture and marketing of household and personal care goods is called Advantage Diversified Products. Since its founding in 2010, the business has developed into a reputable name with a following of devoted clients. ADP sells a variety of goods, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and accessories for caring for pets. All ADP products are created using premium ingredients and are intended to be secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible.


Why join ADP as a distributor or affiliate independently?

Being an independent distributor or affiliate for ADP may be a fantastic opportunity for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:


1. Generous compensation structure

ADP provides distributors and affiliates with a substantial compensation structure that enables them to generate sizable revenue. Affiliates and distributors each have a maximum commission rate of 20% and 35%, respectively, on sales.


2. Minimal startup expenses

While starting a business might be expensive, joining the ADP network just takes a small financial commitment. Distributors can buy goods at a discount and mark them up to sell at a profit with no sign-up costs.


3. Exceptional goods

ADP products are created using the best materials possible and are intended to be efficient and secure for customers. Distributors may develop a devoted clientele by having faith in the goods they are selling.


4. Versatility

You are your own boss if you are an independent distributor or affiliate. You may select which things to sell and establish your own hours while working from home. You may create a business that suits your lifestyle and objectives thanks to this flexibility.


How to sign up as an affiliate or independent distributor with ADP

It’s simple to sign up as an ADP independent distributor or affiliate. Simply fill out an application on the ADP website. After your application is accepted, you’ll get assistance and training to help you grow your business. In order to succeed, you will also have access to marketing materials and other tools.


How to be successful as an ADP affiliate or independent distributor

The key to becoming a successful independent distributor or affiliate for ADP is to run your company like one. Here are some pointers to get you going:


1. Create a network

Building a network of connections is one of the keys to success in any line of employment. To begin with, inform your family and close friends about your new company. Participate in networking events to meet other local company owners.


2. Make use of social media

Social media is an effective tool for business promotion. To interact with your audience, create a company profile on Facebook and other social media sites. Post frequently. Utilize social media to promote your goods and post reviews left by happy consumers.


3. Deliver top-notch client support

Building a loyal client base requires excellent customer service. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, be sure you swiftly answer to consumer queries and go above and above. Rewards for devoted consumers might include discounts and promotions.


4. Remain arranged

Keeping organized is crucial since running a business may be stressful. Use a spreadsheet or other software to keep track of your inventory, costs, and income. Set objectives and monitor your progress to maintain motivation.



In conclusion, Advantage Diversified Products provides a thrilling opportunity for anyone looking to launch their own company or expand their current product offering. ADP offers a number of advantages to independent distributors and affiliates, such as a lucrative compensation plan, inexpensive start-up expenses, high-quality products, and flexibility. Follow the advice given above and approach your business like a business if you want to be successful as an ADP independent distributor or affiliate.


Visit the ADP website to learn more and submit an application if you’re interested in working as an independent distributor or affiliate. Join the expanding community of people using ADP to create profitable companies.



What goods does ADP provide?

Cleaning supplies, personal care goods, and pet care products are just a few of the many home and personal care things that ADP sells.


What is the ADP affiliates’ and distributors’ remuneration structure?

Affiliates and distributors each have a maximum commission rate of 20% and 35%, respectively, on sales.


What are the start-up expenses for signing up as an ADP affiliate or distributor?

Distributors can buy goods at a discount and mark them up to sell at a profit with no sign-up costs.


What type of assistance does ADP provide for its affiliates and independent distributors?

To support the success of its independent distributors and affiliates, ADP offers training, marketing materials, and other tools.


Can an independent distributor or affiliate of ADP operate from home?

Yes, you may work from home as an independent distributor or associate with ADP and establish your own hours.

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The Complete Guide to Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner
September 19th, 2022 by GBN1

Positive Reviews About Advanage 20xThe company Advanage Diversified Products
Nathan T. Edwards and his wife Ruth created ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner®, which was first produced in 1980. The company that makes and sells this exceptional multipurpose cleaner then began to operate.

They enlist young people from impoverished areas of America’s inner cities to promote the products. They provide them with training, employment, and a chance to pursue a career. Along with sales training, we assist them in becoming useful members of society by fostering in them the virtues necessary to deal with life’s uncertainties.

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Numerous accolades from throughout the country, including proclamations from governors, congressmen, and mayors, prizes for business achievement, and recognition as black role models, have been given in recognition of their entrepreneurial and social efforts.

Over 40 Million people have bought our ADVANAGE items since our founding 42 years ago. A non-profit, 501(C)(3) corporation called the Advanage Foundation has also been founded by us. Workforce development, entrepreneurship education, and recreation programs for Americans living in inner cities are some of its projects. We assist people in finding employment, generating income, and enjoying themselves.

We produce and sell ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner in Harvey, Illinois. Our success is based on three factors: a fantastic product, devoted customers, and driven sales staff. Click on DOOR TO DOOR SELLING to read what Nathan T. Edwards, the founder, and president of Advanage Diversified Products, Inc., has to say about door-to-door selling.

Products. When we refer to an excellent cleaning product, we don’t just mean one that outperforms the competitors. Environmentally friendly and phosphate-free, ADVANAGE 20X is safe for use. You can see why ADVANAGE 20X is a top seller when you consider how reasonably priced it is—one quart of ultra-concentrated ADVANAGE 20X generates 20 quarts of ready-to-use cleaner.

Contribution to society. Our social mission has remained constant. Young Americans from poor areas of the country are given jobs by us. They have the chance to advance their careers. High school graduation or a college degree are not required. Simply the desire to leave the streets, put in some effort, and earn some money.

Sales People Jobs at Advantage 2015. However, none of this achievement would have been possible without the young ADVANAGE 20X salespeople, who travel door-to-door in America rain or shine and sell our products. Helping young people from America’s inner cities develop discipline, learn how to deal with life’s uncertainties, and learn how to make a living is what our products are really all about.

Finding Jobs for Young and Unemployed Americans Who Are Supposed to Be “Unemployable.” Our organization has developed a program through which we are dedicated to helping young Americans living in the underprivileged areas of America’s inner cities find jobs. This initiative is run in partnership with our non-profit 501c3 Advanage Foundation.

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August 17th, 2022 by GBN1

Become an Advantage Distributor NEW DISTRIBUTOR PRICING IS NOW IN EFFECT. Become an Advantage Distributor.

SIGN UP NOW! You Have the Potential to Make an Additional $500–5,000 Per Month


Why not take advantage of the fact that you spend a significant amount of time in front of your computer by working fewer than twenty hours a week?


Advantages Of Being An ADVANAGE Distributor

Being a part of the Advantage Distributor network comes with a number of benefits. Because they are able to offer products at a bigger margin, they have the potential to make up to thirty percent more than other distributors. This is the most essential advantage. In addition, the organization provides new distributors with a number of training programs that assist them in becoming successful in the sector in which they operate.


What exactly is meant by the term “Advance 20x Multipurpose Cleaner”?

There are many different surfaces in your home that may be cleaned with the Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner, which is a product that can be used to clean those surfaces. In addition to that, it is a multifunctional cleaner, which simply means that it may be used for a wide variety of tasks.


You can clean your automobile, your furniture, and other surfaces in your home with this one product, thus it serves multiple purposes beyond that of a simple household cleaner. The Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner is capable of removing dirt and grime from a wide variety of surfaces without leaving any residue behind or causing the surface to become damaged in the process.


How the Advantage 20x All-Purpose Cleaner Functions

The Advanage 20x household cleaner is a product that may be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, both inside and outside the house. It is created to clean a wide number of surfaces and materials, and it may be utilized for a variety of cleaning jobs, including washing dishes, scrubbing counters or floors, and even functioning as a detergent for laundry.


The formulation of the cleaner known as Advantage 20x makes use of non-toxic components that are suitable for application to any surface. These components consist of things like emulsifiers, surfactants, and solvents in addition to water. The combination of these components results in the production of a potent cleaning solution that is capable of tackling any difficult messes that may occur around the house.


Because becoming an ADVANAGE 20X Distributor involves more than just selling ADVANAGE 20X, this is the reason why. It is about taking control of your life, being your own boss, and generating more money than you could have ever dreamed possible. This is your chance to become a part of a fantastic organization, so take advantage of it! You can sell your wares to anybody you want, wherever they are, and you will make as much money as you desire.


It’s Your Own Business… We are Here to Assist You in Achieving Success.

We can assist you in selling your items and generating revenue, even if you have no previous experience in sales. You now have the chance to purchase a business that requires little capital investment, has a low risk profile, and is beneficial for you, your family, and the environment.


Begin Generating Income Straight Away.

We alleviate the burden of beginning your own business by removing the associated risks, costs, and anxiety. It is not difficult at all. No pyramid scams.


Begin Right Away to Construct a Company That Will Make You Proud.

You’ll be selling to members of your family and circle of friends, as well as to anyone else looking to buy products with a lower impact on the environment.


Why You Should Become an ADVANAGE Distributor and Five Reasons to Do So

  • You are going to be selling an exceptional product called ADVANAGE Multipurpose Cleaner.
  • Everyone makes purchases of cleaning supplies.
  • Strong Profit Margins
  • Costs of initiation that are not prohibitive
  • Support for Marketing Activities
  • It is not an MLM.


This is a fantastic chance for those of you who are exceptionally skilled in selling to other companies. You will be working for a firm that has been in operation since 1980, that has won honors all across the United States for its goods and social achievements, that has 40 million consumers, and that manufactures and sells the best multipurpose cleaner in the country… Utilize the Wonder Cleaner® to your advantage.

At the headquarters of ADVANAGE, which is located in Harvey, Illinois, we have come to the conclusion that we need to recruit a skilled and knowledgeable salesperson who will be responsible for selling our wares to businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our organization recently received recognition as a Minority Business Enterprise certification (MBE). When selling to larger organizations who are mandated to satisfy minority spending goals set by the federal government, this provides us with a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

ADVANAGE Diversified Products, Inc. (ADP), where you will work as an employee and receive a salary in addition to commissions, will hire you. Your mission is to make direct sales of ADP products to industrial and commercial businesses located in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. Your objective is to transform those accounts into ongoing relationships with loyal patrons.


The ability to present, demonstrate, and sell ADVANAGE all-purpose cleaners is a requirement for the job, as is a willingness to live in the Chicago metropolitan area, ownership of a car, and use of a smartphone, laptop, and/or tablet to track your selling activities. Additionally, the candidate must be able to interact with business owners.

Your line of reporting will be to the Vice President of Marketing at ADP. Send your cover letter and resume to if you’re interested in this position.


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December 17th, 2021 by GBN1

Make money by selling ADVANAGE

In order to become an ADVANAGE Distributor, you must accept the new DISTRIBUTOR PRICING.

NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN! It is possible to make an additional $500 to $5,000 per month.

Instead of putting in more than 20 hours a week at your desk, why not make some additional cash by working from home.

This is due to the fact that becoming an ADVANAGE 20X Distributor requires more than just selling ADVANAGE 20X products to make the distinction worthwhile. Making more money than you ever thought possible is what this is all about. The time has come for you to join forces with an outstanding organization. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make, and you can sell to whomever you choose.

You’re in charge… We assist you in achieving your goals.

Our team can assist you even if you’ve never sold a product before. A low-risk, low-cost start-up business that is good for you, your family, and the environment is now available to you.

Right Away, You’ll Be Making Money.

We remove the risk, expense, and stress of launching a business from our clients. It’s simple and straightforward. There are no pyramid schemes here.

Build a Company You’re Proud of Now!

Family, relatives, and anybody else interested in purchasing ecologically friendly products will be your primary customers.
For these six reasons, you should join the ADVANAGE network.

  • An exceptional product will be yours to sell: ADVANAGE
  • Multipurpose Cleaner.
  • Cleaning supplies are a must for everyone.
  • Huge Profit Margin
  • Starting a business at a low cost
  • Assistance with Promotions
  • This is not a multi-level marketing scheme.

Distributor Pricing has been updated!

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Wonder cleaner
October 11th, 2021 by GBN1

This is your opportunity to join forces with a great company. ADVANAGE Distributorships Now Available if you go to for more information. You’ll earn as much as you want. There are no limits.

It’s Your Business… We Help You make it Successful
Even if you’ve never sold before, we can help you sell and make money. Now you have an opportunity to own a low-risk, low-cost-to-start business that’s good for you, your family, and your planet.

Start Making Money Right Away
We take away the risk, expense, and stress out of starting your own business. It’s easy and simple. And with our aggressive pricing, you’ll be profitable right from the beginning.

Start Now to Build a Business You Can Be Proud Of
You’ll be selling to family, friends, and anyone else wanting to purchase the nation’s most powerful, multipurpose, environmentally-friendly cleaning product.

Why Become an ADVANAGE Distributor
Large market — everybody buys cleaning products
Repeat sales – customers buy repeatedly
Great Margins – you make a healthy profit
Affordable start-up costs – you chose your initial level of investment.
Not an MLM – not a pyramid scheme. You sell to consumers.

ADVANAGE Distributorships Now Available

Go to for more information


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Wholesale Distributors Wanted
June 21st, 2021 by GBN1

Let OUR brand grow YOUR business!

In order to meet the growing demand for Advanage 20x Multi-Purpose Cleaner® and accessories nationwide, we are actively looking to partner with distributors in various cities and markets. If you are looking to expand your product offerings or trying to reach a new market, Advanage Diversified Products Inc., maybe the partner for you.

Wonder cleaner

Available in Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and Odorless Clear.

We are actively looking for Distributors and Dealers, who are searching for high-quality products to help grow their business. We offer superior quality multi-purpose cleaners and accessories at competitive prices, providing profitable margins for both Distributors and Dealers.

If you are interested in becoming a Advanage 20x distributor, please contact our headquarters in the US at or call 877.588.8390, ext 5076.

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