Positive Reviews About Advanage 20x
August 16th, 2022 by GBN1

July 2022 Positive Reviews About Advanage 20x

Too Good To Be True

by Silvia M.

“A stranger who knocked on our door sold this to my wife, and she bought it from him. Both of us had our reservations, but now she is completely committed to making use of this product. When compared to other cleaners, she completes the task of cleaning our Vent-a-hood in a time that is ten percent less. In spite of the fact that it appears to be too good to be true, it is in fact true.


This Stuff Is Proven to Be Effective,”

by Doris Helm.

A door-to-door salesgirl had me fooled about a year ago, and I ended up buying some of their wares. The benefits of using Green Apple Cleaner. After she persuaded me that it was such an amazing cleaning equipment that could be used for a variety of purposes, I decided to get it so that I could get rid of her. It had been in my closet for nearly to half a year before I realized that I was out of carpet cleaner. I was so desperate that I decided to take it. I followed the instructions on the bottle before using it in my carpet cleaner and it worked perfectly. My regular carpet cleaner was unable to get rid of the dark spot that was on my carpet despite my best efforts. The tips of the carpet fibers were the only part of the carpet that was cleaned, which is why the stain appears to consistently return after a few weeks. Not completely and thoroughly cleaned Therefore, I decided to use it because it was the best carpet cleaner I’ve ever worked with. My carpet looks like it was just installed. Completely cleaning the carpet fibers from top to bottom. I have to confess that I was taken aback by what I saw. Since then, I’ve used it with excellent success on my stairs and in other areas that see a lot of foot traffic. I just now placed a second order for additional bottles. Even though the cleaner is on the pricier side, it has a very long shelf life and will serve you well for many years. However, the solution needs to be watered down first! A straight solution has the potential to leave stains on carpet and fabric, in my opinion. Please follow the instructions carefully because I have never encountered that before.


Wow, this is the most amazing thing that has ever existed.

by Joseph E.

Ok. was suckered in when the door-to-door saleswoman, who was a great sales agent, came by. I had just finished vacuuming and shampooing the carpet in my entryway. I was unable to get rid of the stains, and there were five children and a dog in the house. She used it to wipe the outside of my windows, my wooden porch, the rims of my car, even her mouth, and she also used it to clean my wedding band. The woman then proceeded to reveal stains that had been on THE CARPET THAT I HAD JUST CLEANED! I capitulated. After that, she cleaned a white rag that was covered in dirt with the cleaner! Together with my son, I gave the house a frantic cleaning. When washing stainless steel appliances or windows, it leaves streaks, which is something that bothers me. Despite this, it is still effective at removing all of the grime from my stoves and the cast iron bars. Our gas burner did a better job cleaning the grout in my kitchen than a steamer did. Because I cleaned my hands with a rag that had been soaked in the solution, they no longer have an unpleasant odor or feel filthy. Because of this, my hands became quite soft. It is in fact just as unbelievable as it appears. Even if the price is a few dollars higher than what is shown here, I will still be placing an additional order. I adore it!

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