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Get the most out of your gym shoes with the ADVANAGE Gym Shoe Cleaner Pack. Keep your athletic shoes fresh and hygienic with this all-in-one cleaning solution. Made with natural ingredients, it’s safe and effective for all types of sneakers. Order now and take the first step to a cleaner, fresher gym routine.

Foaming Action. Removes dirt, stains and scrapes.

Two GYM Shoe Cleaners
(6 FL OZ each) plus
one Microfiber cloth, one combo brush.

Foaming Action sticks to shoe. Also works on other fabrics: leather and canvass.
For difficult stains, use the combo brush (one side hard plastic bristles, other side steel bristles).

Non-toxic formula is not harmful for your shoes or the environment.

Made in the USA. Proprietary formulation.

To purchase the GYM Shoe Cleaner Pack or any other ADVANAGE product.
Go to Or call 708.331.8390, Ext. 5082.

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