Ready-to-Use ADVANAGE 20X Drums
July 17th, 2023 by GBN1

Welcome to the world of Advanage 20X, the revolutionary cleaning solution designed specifically for commercial users. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the unmatched power and effectiveness of Advanage 20X in tackling even the toughest stains and dirt in industries where cleanliness is not just an option but a necessity. Say goodbye to ordinary cleaners, and embrace the extraordinary cleaning capabilities of Advanage 20X.

The Superior Cleaning Solution

Advanage 20X is not your average cleaning product. It has quickly earned the title of the cleaner of choice in various industries due to its exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use. Unlike traditional cleaners, Advanage 20X is not afraid of taking on any challenging cleaning task, and no stain is too difficult for it to handle.

Unraveling the Secret: The Proprietary Surfactant

At the core of Advanage 20X’s outstanding cleaning abilities lies its proprietary surfactant, also known as an emulsion agent. This magical ingredient works wonders as it wets, penetrates, dissolves, and effortlessly lifts the most stubborn stains and grime. Not only does it leave surfaces spotless, but it also ensures your cleaning utensils remain pristine after use.

Environmental Friendliness: Phosphate-Free Formula

Apart from its remarkable cleaning prowess, Advanage 20X is also committed to environmental preservation. Its formula is completely phosphate-free, making it safer for the environment without compromising on its effectiveness. Embrace the power of Advanage 20X, knowing that you are contributing to a greener and cleaner world.

Unbeatable Concentration: A Little Goes a Long Way

One of the key benefits of Advanage 20X is its super-concentrated nature. A mere one gallon of this incredible cleaner can be transformed into ten or more gallons of industrial-strength, ready-to-use cleaning solution. This cost-effectiveness not only saves you money but also ensures you always have an abundant supply of cleaning power at your disposal.

Variety of Fragrances for a Pleasant Experience

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a mundane task, thanks to Advanage 20X’s selection of four delightful fragrances. Choose from Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, or Odorless Clear, to infuse a pleasant aroma into your surroundings while getting the job done. These invigorating scents add a touch of freshness to your workspace, making the cleaning process more enjoyable.

Versatility in Packaging Options

Advanage 20X understands that different commercial users have different cleaning needs. That’s why it is available in various packaging options to cater to your requirements. Whether you need it in Gallons, Drums, or Totes, Advanage 20X has got you covered. Moreover, for those who require precise dilution control, there are Drum & Wall Mount dilution-control products available.

Advanage 20X vs. Competitors: The Clear Winner

In the competitive world of cleaning products, Advanage 20X stands head and shoulders above the rest. Its unique formulation, exceptional cleaning power, eco-friendliness, and versatile packaging options make it the clear winner in the market. When you choose Advanage 20X, you are not just investing in a cleaning solution; you are investing in unmatched quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Advanage 20X safe to use on all surfaces?

Absolutely! Advanage 20X is safe to use on a wide range of surfaces, including countertops, floors, walls, carpets, and more. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures it won’t damage or leave any unwanted marks on the surfaces.

Q2: Can I use Advanage 20X for residential cleaning?

While Advanage 20X is primarily formulated for commercial users, its exceptional performance makes it an excellent choice for residential cleaning as well. You can achieve professional-grade results in the comfort of your home.

Q3: How long does a single container of Advanage 20X last?

The longevity of Advanage 20X depends on your usage and dilution ratio. However, thanks to its super-concentrated nature, a single container can last significantly longer than traditional cleaners.

Q4: Does Advanage 20X come with dilution instructions?

Yes, every container of Advanage 20X comes with detailed dilution instructions to ensure you achieve the desired cleaning strength without any guesswork.

Q5: Is Advanage 20X suitable for removing tough stains?

Absolutely! Advanage 20X is specially designed to tackle the toughest stains, including grease, oil, ink, and more. Its proprietary surfactant ensures even the most stubborn stains are lifted with ease.


If you are a commercial user in need of a powerful, eco-friendly, and cost-effective cleaning solution, look no further than Advanage 20X. Its proprietary surfactant technology, versatile packaging options, and delightful fragrances set it apart from the competition. Embrace the future of cleaning with Advanage 20X and experience unmatched cleaning excellence.



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