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Advanage Announces Jobs 2016 Program for Unemployed Young Americans
Advanage Targeting Low-Income Metropolitan Neighborhoods of the U.S.


Harvey, IL (May 26, 2016)—Since 1980, Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. of Harvey, IL ( has been providing jobs for unemployed young Americans living in the underprivileged neighborhoods of our nation’s inner cities.

These low-income neighborhoods are racially and economically segregated and are mostly populated by African Americans and Latinos. In Advanage’s home city of Chicago, household incomes in the more affluent neighborhoods, which are overwhelmingly white, rose 33 percent between 1990 and 2012 whereas, for the same period, blacks in Chicago’s south side experienced a 4 percent decline.

Further, the African American poverty rate (33.6 percent) and unemployment rate (14.7) are more than twice the whites in the more affluent neighborhoods.

“Joblessness in these low-income neighborhoods is particularly acute for young people,” said Nathan T. Edwards, Advanage Diversified’s founder and President. “Studies have found that 47 percent of the black men in Chicago between 20 and 24 were out of school and work in 2014. It’s a horrible problem and frankly, a national disgrace. If you are interested in helping us address this problem, please go to our 501c3 non-profit foundation web site at and make a donation.”

Advanage Jobs 2016, will pay particular attention to Chicago’s south side and set up a recruiting hotel suite right in the middle of a south side neighborhood where the unemployment problem is most serious. This special project will formally kick-off on June 1 and last through August 31, 2016. The goal is to provide 50 jobs with Advanage and its nation-wide distribution partners by Labor Day.
About Advanage Diversified Products, Inc.

Corporate headquarters are at 16615 S. Halsted Street, Harvey, IL 60426. Tel: 708-331-8390. You can find out more about Advanage Diversified and its products by going to You can also help Advanage Diversified increase its efforts to recruit young, jobless men and women by going to the company’s 501c3, non-profit foundation web site at and making a tax deductible donation.

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