Selling Door to Door

Most of our sales agents are recruited from America’s inner cities. Many grew up in the under-served communities of America’s inner cities… where schools are sub-par and joblessness is a way of life. We give them a job, no references or even a high school diploma required. Just a willingness to create a better life for themselves, work hard and learn how to make an honest income.

We train them in both their personal and business lives. We mentor them to take responsibility for their own actions and teach them how to sell themselves and our Advanage Wonder Cleaner products.

Our business ideology dictates our agents treat prospective customers courteously and respectively. Over aggressive behavior is not tolerated and agents behaving inappropriately are disciplined and terminated when necessary. .

We’ve been selling our products door-to- door for over 35 years and have tens of millions of customers. Our success is not only based upon a fine product, but just as importantly on the quality and integrity of our sales agents.

If you would like to schedule a product demonstration, please call 708-331- 8390, ext. 5082 or you can go to our website at and order online. Either way, you’ll be doing business with a reputable company selling a fine product. You won’t be disappointed.

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