Advantage Reseller Program: Be Careful What You Ask

Advanage Diversified Products is a cleaning product manufacturer and distributor.

ADVANAGE 20X, a concentrated multipurpose cleaner, is the most popular.

We sell our products to individuals and businesses around the country through distributors and resellers.

We’ve been doing this for over 35 years and have a customer base of over 35 million.

We’re pretty sophisticated when it comes to working with resellers and helping them accomplish their sales targets, thanks to that kind of experience.

Over time, we’ll use this forum to discuss some of the successful sales and marketing ideas and tactics that we and our resellers do, which would be useful to anyone selling anything.

For this essay, though, I’d like to comment on a TV interview I saw last week because the interviewer made a typical mistake we see in our salespeople all the time.

This is what I saw on television.

The interviewer was speaking with a female novelist who had recently published a book about political elections.

When the conversation turned to the current Republican presidential nomination battle, the interviewer inquired, “Who do you like?”

“None of them,” she replied.

This is an excellent illustration of how a question might be misinterpreted.

To the interviewer, “like” obviously indicates “who do you believe will win.”

She mistook “like” for “like being with.”

When speaking with a stranger, this is a common blunder made by salespeople.

They believe the individual to whom they are trying to sell is on the same wavelength as them.

As a result, they can miss the message and lead the sales call in the wrong way.

So be cautious.

Directly ask your direct queries.

Also, pay attention to the response.

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