Bought this product from door-to-door saleswomen 25ish years ago. My kids were small. They are now 35 and 32. She sold me on it when she cleaned my toilet and removed some lime/calcium stains I was unable to remove. For some reason, I stopped using it but kept the product. We recently moved across the US. The product from 25ish years came with us.

Today while cleaning toilets w the same calcium stains I decided to use my “old” Advanage product. Had just used the un-abrasive pads only with lots of “elbow grease” and the stain was still present. Mixed a batch of this (picture below) cleaner 20:1. Used the “foam” option on the nozzle. Didn’t know if the sprayer was going to work as it hadn’t been used for many years and was a bit finicky at first. But it eventually worked like new. Sprayed it in the toilet, let it sit for a minute or so. Used a small portion of the un-abrasive pad that was provided w this product (all those years ago) Did have to use some “elbow grease” too but my toilets are sparkling clean now!

So impressed that it still works as well after all these years. I’m sure it won’t be sitting unused again.  My husband is even thinking of things he should clean with it!

Thank you for this product and its long shelf life.

September 8th, 2021 by