Announcing our new Facebook page… Advanage Wonder Cleaner

Nathan Edwards, Founder,
CEO, Advanage Diversified

Please go to our new Facebook page by entering Advanage Wonder Cleaner in the Facebook search bar.   There you will find all the latest information about our company—Advanage Diversified Products, Inc., our products, and our Foundation that helps young Americans from our inner cities get a job.

Please use the page to interact with us and course with a click on “Like.”  We’ll be making updates weekly, offering specials and will soon be announcing some exciting new happenings.

More information about our company and our products is available at  More information about our non-profit, 501c3 Foundation is available at  Our products can be ordered on line or by calling 877-588-8391.

Official Advanage Wonder Cleaner Facebook page

Advanage Wonder Cleaner


June 12th, 2018 by