ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame

Since 1980 (38+ years) we’ve sold ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® to over 40 million customers.  In doing so, our Sales People and Executives have mentored thousands of young people and showed them how to compete in this world, make a living, and earn some money.

We are honoring these top Sales People and Sales Executives with membership in the ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame.  Members in the ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame have mastered the art and business of sales and demonstrated exceptional performance and achievements in sales, leadership and business management.  

Each honoree receives a beautifully beveled, 10.5” x 13” walnut plaque with a personalized, gold-finished, ADVANAGE Hall of Fame Certificate.  The top-quality plaques appropriately commemorate the honorees’ outstanding and superior accomplishments selling ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner.

June 23rd, 2018 by