Thanks to Advanage for Hiring Superior People

“Thanks to Advanage for hiring superior people for sales and for giving back to the community.”

Dear Advanage People,

I’m writing about your incredible employee: Number5208.

I believe her name is Barbara [Her actual name is Barbara Flax]

She is the best salesperson on the planet.  Not only does she do a good job explaining all the great stuff Advanage cleaner does, but she lifted my spirits.

She should have a stand-up comedy act on the side.

I could go order this product on Amazon, but I wouldn’t be enlightened or entertained.

She so good at sales, that she almost talked me into a whole case.  If I didn’t already have four bottles of Advanage at home, I would have purchased a case.

The week she called me, I was mourning over my friend who hanged herself.  Your employee made me laugh. This is the second time that Advanage sales people have cheered me up after a death.  A few years ago, my dad died. Advanage people showed up at my front door. They had me laughing so hard, I forgot about my dad’s death while they were at my door.

I do love Advanage.  The only problem is, it doesn’t come with a human to clean.

I have been purchasing Advanage since I was first married in 1985.  Back then it was cream. A person came to the place where I worked, and I bought it from them.

The world is really missing out on personal connections by being able to just push buttons on the computer and buying stuff.

Thanks to Advanage for hiring superior people for sales and for giving back to the community.

Have a wonderful day!!

Best Regards,

Janalee Tobias

South Jordan, UT 84095

August 8th, 2018 by