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Advantages Of Being An ADVANAGE Distributor

Being a part of the Advantage Distributor network comes with a number of benefits. Because they are able to offer products at a bigger margin, they have the potential to make up to thirty percent more than other distributors. This is the most essential advantage. In addition, the organization provides new distributors with a number of training programs that assist them in becoming successful in the sector in which they operate.


What exactly is meant by the term “Advance 20x Multipurpose Cleaner”?

There are many different surfaces in your home that may be cleaned with the Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner, which is a product that can be used to clean those surfaces. In addition to that, it is a multifunctional cleaner, which simply means that it may be used for a wide variety of tasks.


You can clean your automobile, your furniture, and other surfaces in your home with this one product, thus it serves multiple purposes beyond that of a simple household cleaner. The Advanage 20x Multipurpose Cleaner is capable of removing dirt and grime from a wide variety of surfaces without leaving any residue behind or causing the surface to become damaged in the process.


How the Advantage 20x All-Purpose Cleaner Functions

The Advanage 20x household cleaner is a product that may be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, both inside and outside the house. It is created to clean a wide number of surfaces and materials, and it may be utilized for a variety of cleaning jobs, including washing dishes, scrubbing counters or floors, and even functioning as a detergent for laundry.


The formulation of the cleaner known as Advantage 20x makes use of non-toxic components that are suitable for application to any surface. These components consist of things like emulsifiers, surfactants, and solvents in addition to water. The combination of these components results in the production of a potent cleaning solution that is capable of tackling any difficult messes that may occur around the house.


Because becoming an ADVANAGE 20X Distributor involves more than just selling ADVANAGE 20X, this is the reason why. It is about taking control of your life, being your own boss, and generating more money than you could have ever dreamed possible. This is your chance to become a part of a fantastic organization, so take advantage of it! You can sell your wares to anybody you want, wherever they are, and you will make as much money as you desire.


It’s Your Own Business… We are Here to Assist You in Achieving Success.

We can assist you in selling your items and generating revenue, even if you have no previous experience in sales. You now have the chance to purchase a business that requires little capital investment, has a low risk profile, and is beneficial for you, your family, and the environment.


Begin Generating Income Straight Away.

We alleviate the burden of beginning your own business by removing the associated risks, costs, and anxiety. It is not difficult at all. No pyramid scams.


Begin Right Away to Construct a Company That Will Make You Proud.

You’ll be selling to members of your family and circle of friends, as well as to anyone else looking to buy products with a lower impact on the environment.


Why You Should Become an ADVANAGE Distributor and Five Reasons to Do So

  • You are going to be selling an exceptional product called ADVANAGE Multipurpose Cleaner.
  • Everyone makes purchases of cleaning supplies.
  • Strong Profit Margins
  • Costs of initiation that are not prohibitive
  • Support for Marketing Activities
  • It is not an MLM.


This is a fantastic chance for those of you who are exceptionally skilled in selling to other companies. You will be working for a firm that has been in operation since 1980, that has won honors all across the United States for its goods and social achievements, that has 40 million consumers, and that manufactures and sells the best multipurpose cleaner in the country… Utilize the Wonder Cleaner® to your advantage.

At the headquarters of ADVANAGE, which is located in Harvey, Illinois, we have come to the conclusion that we need to recruit a skilled and knowledgeable salesperson who will be responsible for selling our wares to businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our organization recently received recognition as a Minority Business Enterprise certification (MBE). When selling to larger organizations who are mandated to satisfy minority spending goals set by the federal government, this provides us with a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

ADVANAGE Diversified Products, Inc. (ADP), where you will work as an employee and receive a salary in addition to commissions, will hire you. Your mission is to make direct sales of ADP products to industrial and commercial businesses located in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. Your objective is to transform those accounts into ongoing relationships with loyal patrons.


The ability to present, demonstrate, and sell ADVANAGE all-purpose cleaners is a requirement for the job, as is a willingness to live in the Chicago metropolitan area, ownership of a car, and use of a smartphone, laptop, and/or tablet to track your selling activities. Additionally, the candidate must be able to interact with business owners.

Your line of reporting will be to the Vice President of Marketing at ADP. Send your cover letter and resume to if you’re interested in this position.


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