Our Microfiber Products

ADVANGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner and Our Microfiber Products

  1. Nathan Edwards, Founder,
    CEO, Advanage Diversified

    ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner®. One cleaner for every cleaning
    task… in and out of the house. Super-concentrate. Add just a capful
    of water to ADVANAGE for windows; add 20 parts water to one part
    ADVANAGE for floors, walls, etc.; add 5-10 parts water for grease, oil, and soap scum.

  2. Microfiber cloths. Use dry cloths for dusting; use wet for cleaning.
    When using wet wring out as much liquid as possible; this increases absorbency as well as the fiber’s ability to pick up dirt and residue.
  3. Microfiber Utensils. Our Microfiber mop is far superior to cotton and sponge mops. High Microfiber Duster is designed for difficult-to-reach places. Bendable and washable.
  4. Have a plan. No redundant efforts. Go from Top to Bottom and Front to Back.

ADVANAGE 20X is available in Lavender,
Citrus, Green Apple and odorless Clear.

ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner products—including microfiber cloths and
utensils—can be purchased online at www.advanage20x.com or by calling 877-588-8390.

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