Keeping one of the Oldest Farms in the USA Clean

ADVANAGE 20X keeping one of the Oldest Farms in the USA Clean

In 1639, some 370 years ago Thomas Hine scratched out a farm on an isolated hilltop in southern Connecticut. Today, twelve generations later, Walter Hine continues to work the farm delivering locally-grown farm products and milk to customers all over the northeast.

Now known as Field View Farms, the 170-acre farm in New Haven County is the southernmost full-time dairy operation in Connecticut and the last one between New Haven and New York City. According to Mr. Hine, “Field View has endured over the centuries is a story of determination and lately diversification and marketing.”

We are proud to have become a supplier to Field View and Mr. Hine. From equipment and tractor cleanup to dairy farm pipeline and bulk tank maintenance, ADVANAGE 20X does it all. And, thanks to our salesman, Jamey Medlock for finding such an interesting customer.

September 12th, 2019 by