Clean Kitchen Stove

hi, I’m Rodney Johnson,
An all-American man with the advantage here in the kitchen showing how to grease off the top of the stove.
Basically, we’re going to be using a three to one dilution for grease. Your three two one is shown here on your bottle we’re going to be using three plots of water one parts of the cleaner have water.
Basically, this cleaner is not flammable it’s non-toxic biodegradable environmentally friendly and it’s also safe around kids dogs pets in here my plant life it means OSHA USDA, and EPA standards.
Make sure your measurement is right. Now we’re going one part of citrus advantage excellent degreaser. The number one cleaner in the United States.
You put your nozzle at a mist. Right now we’re using a green pad this is a Scotch-Brite abrasive pad. What I’m gonna do. I going to saturate it. Now the grill maybe a little hot. But this cleaner works effectively like this. We’re going to go back and forward. The surface activation is pulling the grease apart out of the stove and basically, we have a wet towel that will come back and we’ll just wipe it down.
Quite impressive, hun? I think it’s the best thing since cookies ice cream in Java juice. Right now, we’re with the same dilution. We’re going to be taking the grease off the handle of the stove. Basically, the same way you’re going to saturate your Scotch-Brite pad this is abrasive you’re gonna go on the forward, up, and back motion. Then you come back with your saturated towel. Holy smokes Batman. Quite impressive. And now we have where the grease really gets on here.
You got to love this one like a fat kid love cake. We’re going to saturate the pad scotch-Brite. Same pad. In this situation, you can go forward and back or in a circular motion. What I’m gonna do is a circular motion. Really takes the grease out kind of faster. Then we come back with the saturated tile again and just wipe. Well Roll in butter and dip me in the flour. You do like me a little bit, don’t you?
Well let that be the reason why you take issues and back a young fella that works hard instead of hardly working.
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