Become an ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® Distributor

Sell the nation’s finest, most powerful, eco-friendly, multipurpose Cleaner.

ADVANAGE 20X is available in Lavender, Citrus, Green Apple and odorless clear.


ADVANAGE is super-concentrated.
Affordable. One concentrated quart
makes twenty quarts of ready-to-use
all-purpose cleaner. Comes in four
fragrances: Citrus, Green Apple,
Lavender, and odorless Clean.


Make money two ways. Distribute Directly or Online.

Buy at wholesale; sell at retail and distribute the cleaner directly to your local customers. Or
sell online to anyone, anywhere using the personalized webpage we create for you. We handle
the entire transaction, at no cost to you. You collect commissions.


To become an ADVANAGE
Distributor, go to and fill out
the application from. Or call
708.331.8390, Ext. 5206.



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