The problem is particularly acute with our inner-city young adults. More-and-more blacks, Hispanics and poor whites are being affected. Unemployment is a massive problem that government alone cannot fix. The private sector must do its part and help these young Americans find jobs and enjoy life, liberty and realize their pursuit of happiness.


These inner-city young adults are looking up. All they need now is for you to pick them up. Please donate to the

So, my fellow Americans, we are asking your help to support us in our quest to help these young people not only find jobs but to also create a National Ghetto Softball League. Our objective is to raise $2 Million through our non-profit, 501c3 Let’s put a softball in these young people’s hands instead of a gun.

The inner-city communities of America are on their knees and need our help to get on their feet. This is a project that can truly be labeled… AMERICANS HELPING AMERICANS. Please go to and make a donation.

August 15th, 2016 by