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July 16th, 2021 by GBN1


Super-Concentrated ADVANAGE 20X Does it All. Hundreds of Uses.
 Save big money when you buy by the case (4 Gallons per case). Mix and Match any combination. Free shipping on all gallon purchases.

Deep clean surfaces and emulsify oils and grease. Remove mold, mildew, and odors from anywhere. Fresh scent. Just as strong as our other cleaning products! Fragrance-free. For light-colored carpets and fabrics.

REGULAR PRICE = $399.00.
20X SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE = $279.95 (Save $119.85) plus FREE SHIPPING

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July 2nd, 2021 by GBN1

For immediate distribution

Contact: William Hughes
Phone: 877.588.8390, Ext. 5076

Wonder cleaner

Available in Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and Odorless Clear.


Harvey, IL July 2, 2021.  Become an ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner Distributor (go to and start selling ADVANAGE products online and in person.  20X products are not available in stores.  This is an opportunity to go into an affordable, low-risk business with a company that has been in business for 40 years.  Over 40 million customers have purchased ADVANAGE products across all 50 US states.

Sell Direct and Online distributors buy at wholesale and enjoy excellent gross profits. In addition, US Distributors receive a free, personalized web page that connects their customers to the Advanage online store.  Advanage handles the credit card and ships the product to the US Distributor’s customer.  The US Distributor receives a commission for all online 20X sales coming through his/her personalized web page. 

About ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose Cleaner

One quart of super-concentrated ADVANAGE 20X makes twenty quarts of ready-to-use cleaner.  Customers add water and save lots of money.  20X is powerful enough to remove oil spots from the driveway yet can be gentle enough for your finest fabrics.  This extraordinary cleaner contains the company’s proprietary surfactant that enables it to easily cut through grease and grime.  Everybody needs wants and uses products like 20X on a regular basis.  

20X is phosphate-free which helps keep our nation’s lakes and streams safer for future generations. And by only shipping one plastic container instead of twenty, the company is fighting plastic container pollution, a major environmental hazard.  

About The Company

Founded in 1980, ADVANAGE DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS, INC. invented, manufactures and markets ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® and an ever-expanding line of additional ADVANAGE brand products. The company sells its products Door-to-Door all over the USA to residential and commercial users.  In addition, the company markets its products through dealers and distributors, and via its websites at and  And it advertises for prospective distributors at

Become an Advanage US Distributor

If you are interested in becoming an Advanage 20x distributor, please go to and/or contact us at our Harvey, IL headquarters by calling 877.588.8390, ext. 5076 or by sending an email to

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Wholesale Distributors Wanted
June 21st, 2021 by GBN1

Let OUR brand grow YOUR business!

In order to meet the growing demand for Advanage 20x Multi-Purpose Cleaner® and accessories nationwide, we are actively looking to partner with distributors in various cities and markets. If you are looking to expand your product offerings or trying to reach a new market, Advanage Diversified Products Inc., maybe the partner for you.

Wonder cleaner

Available in Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and Odorless Clear.

We are actively looking for Distributors and Dealers, who are searching for high-quality products to help grow their business. We offer superior quality multi-purpose cleaners and accessories at competitive prices, providing profitable margins for both Distributors and Dealers.

If you are interested in becoming a Advanage 20x distributor, please contact our headquarters in the US at or call 877.588.8390, ext 5076.

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May 14th, 2021 by GBN1

It will clean anything and fast. The 5:1 dilution is perfect for auto detailing and cleaning grease (so fast!). The 10:1 is my go-to shower spray for soap scum.” Azta


ADVANAGE 20X is available in Lavender,
Citrus, Green Apple and odorless Clear.

ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® has proven to be a superb, extraordinary multipurpose cleaner.

There is nothing like it. One of a kind. Its proprietary surfactant/emulsion agent powers it through the most difficult, stains
leaving no residual stains on the surface or the cleaning utensils.

Cleans everything. Hundreds of uses. Made in the USA.

Environmentally friendly. Phosphate free. Super concentrated.

Go to Get a free Spring-Cleaning gift on orders over $100.00.

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September 29th, 2020 by GBN1

Advanage 20x  Fall SpecialFall Special – Save $120

Sep 29 – Dec 21
Buy 4 gallons of Advanage 20x for $279.80 and save $120.00. This concentrated, all-purpose cleaner has hundreds of uses. Cleans just about everything. Eco-friendly and safe around children and pets.
Redeem Fall Special

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August 13th, 2020 by GBN1

“Omgoodness! This product is fantastic! It will clean anything and fast. The 5:1 dilution is perfect for auto detailing and cleaning grease (so fast!). The 10:1 is my go-to shower spray that keeps any soap scum from building up on my glass walls and door. So amazing!”  Love it!  ADVANAGE customer comment, June 2020, Alyx.  For more information, go to


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August 12th, 2020 by GBN1

ADVANAGE customer comment on June 2020 “I’ve used this product for over 25 years and it’s the only cleaner I use.  Most applications require the strength of 20 parts water to the one-part cleaner so it’s definitely cost-saving.

I love that it is environmentally friendly. I’ve used it on my wood cabinets in the kitchen and it removes grease and grime without harming the finish.”  Jewel.  For more information, go to


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April 8th, 2020 by GBN1

ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner®
Now Available with our New Nemesis Disinfectant

Having the nation’s most powerful multipurpose cleaner these days just makes sense.  ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose cleaner is the right cleaner at just the right time. And so is having our new, EPA registered Nemesis Disinfectant.  Use it anywhere in the home, office or auto where infection and virus prevention is of prime importance.

Nemesis Disinfectant


ADVANAGE is the one cleaner that does it all.  Hundreds of uses and it’s eco-friendly and safe around children and pets.  Its patented surfactant is why 20X is such an extraordinary performer. Use 20X and our Nemesis Disinfectant to keep all hard, non-porous surfaces clean and virus free.   

Go to and purchase our two-quart 20X Disinfectant Special and you’ll get a free quart of our brand-new Nemesis Disinfectant and free shipping.  

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April 2nd, 2020 by GBN1

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted all our lives. To get our customers what they need in these difficult times, we’ve arranged with one of the nation’s finest chemical companies to offer our customers Nemesis a Tuberculocidal spray and disinfectant.


Use Nemesis Disinfectant on hard, non-porous surfaces such as your kitchen sinks and garbage cans; bathroom tubs and showers, home doorknobs and diaper pails, floors and walls.

Go to to purchase our Disinfectant Special. Buy two quarts of ADVANAGE 20X and you get one quart of our one-step, spray and wipe Nemesis Disinfectant FREE and shipping is FREE.


Advanage Diversified Products, Inc., 16615 S. Halsted Street, Harvey, IL 60426. 708.331.8390,

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March 16th, 2020 by GBN1

What ‘Secret Sauce’ enables ADVANAGE the Wonder Cleaner® to remove oily and greasy stains that other cleaners cannot?


Most cleaning products contain a cleaning chemical know as a Surfactant (Surface Active Agent). To thoroughly remove grease and oil stains, the cleaning liquid and the oily stain must mix together so that when wiped, the oil and cleaner are removed as one. That’s what the surfactant does, causes the oil and cleaning liquid to emulsify or mix.


Available in Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple, and Odorless Clear.

Unlike ADVANAGE, other cleaner’s surfactants are weak and start to
break down as soon as they are applied to the stain. Instead,
ADVANAGE’s patented surfactant holds up and does not lose its
effectiveness. That’s what makes it our secret sauce, that’s why it’s patented and that’s why over 40 million people have purchased


ADVANAGE 20X Multipurpose cleaner is a concentrate, so just add water and one quart of 20X makes twenty quarts of ready-to-use cleaner. Incredibly, even though ADVANAGE outperforms all other multipurpose cleaners, ADVANAGE is eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate-free and safe around children and animals.


ADVANAGE can be purchased online at or by calling 877.588.8391. Use the discount code sauce in the discount field on the web site or mention it to our telephone sales agent and you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

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